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survive the holidays in 10 minutes or less

Traveling away from home can certainly put a wrench in regularly scheduled workouts. We’re so attached to our routines, understandably; they’re what keep us feeling grounded, present, and capable. However, this holiday season, If you don’t have access to a gym, classes, or weights the way you usually do, not to worry! There are many ways to increase your heart rate and get the endorphins flowing, like shoveling the snow in your family’s driveway, or chasing after young relatives who love to play hide & seek, or a fast walk around the block with an energetic relative. If none of these are about to drop into your life, I put together an uncomplicated bodyweight workout with lots of options for you. In just 10 minutes, I’ve found that a thorough cardiovascular experience is attainable and fun.
First, a brief warmup:
  • Circle your arms slowly, starting small, and moving into the largest circles you can do. Then, repeat while circling the opposite direction. Take 30-60 seconds in each direction.
  • Shallow squats, with knees over toes, whether they’re parallel or rotated 45-ish degrees outward. Deepen as your legs get warmed up, for 10-20 reps.
  • Inchworms: my favorite warmup! This is the space-saving version. From standing, hinge at the hips till you touch the floor, bending your knees as needed, and walk your hands away from your feet until you’re in plank. Pause for a moment in plank, and then walk your hands towards your feet, again bending your knees, until weight is over feet and you can return to standing. 10 of these!
The workout:
  • 10 Mountain climbers: from a high plank position (on hands), bring one knee towards chest, keeping that entire leg off the floor. Put it back in plank, and do the other leg. Now repeat as fast as you can until you’ve done 10 on each side.
  • 10 Squats, or Squat Jumps if you’re into jumping: Dig your heels down and engage your glutes, aka butt muscles, as you come back to standing.
  • 10 Push Ups: Do these on your knees as a way to not compromise the integrity of the upper body. Feel like a plank as you bend your elbows, and keep your shoulders neutral and away from your ears.
  • 10 Russian Twists: Sit with your legs bent in front of you, and lean back to balance on your sitz bones or just behind them. Keep feet on the floor or lift legs so shins are parallel to the floor, and challenge your balance. Clasp hands in front of your sternum and think about moving from your natural waist. I find it helps to hold something, like a water bottle or book in a wide position. Lift your chest and start swiveling your ribs, shoulders, and arms side to side, while keeping legs still in the center, for 10 repetitions to each side.
Set a timer for the duration you’d like to do, like 10, 15, or 20 minutes, and get moving! Cycle through this series as many times as you can in your timeframe. Of course, take care of yourself, pause as needed, breathe deeply, drink water, and take a few minutes to cool down afterwards.


TL;DR? Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and cycle through this set as many times as you can: 10 Mountain climbers, 10 Squats (optional jumps), 10 Push Ups, 10 Russian Twists


About HanaKyle:

HanaKyle Moranz began practicing yoga in 2004 after a dance-related knee injury. Yoga quickly became an essential component of her approach to cultivating mental and physical health. New York City is a fast-paced, crowded, and exciting place to live; in her classes, HanaKyle aims to create a space for respite, exploration, and self-care. She encourages breath-focused movement, with plenty of attention to safe and strong alignment. She is a certified Samarya Yoga teacher, Integrated Movement Therapist, NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, NASM Personal Trainer, and creates seasonal aromatherapeutic body oils. Learn more at