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teaching yoga saved my life

women’s health magazine featured hyde ambassador Jenny Aurthur in their november 2018 “mental health” edition, spotlighting her memoir in progress.  we asked Jenny to tell us a little more about how she got started.

HYDE: How has yoga changed your life?

Jenny: Yoga has changed my life in every way imaginable. The list is so long I don’t know where to start. Through yoga I’ve become more conscious, kind, intentional and healthy.

HYDE: We’ve known you as a yoga teacher for a long time, but we’re now getting to know you as writer and as a member of an extraordinary family. Excepts from your forthcoming memoir Warrior Pose have appeared online, and we’re riveted by your story. What can you tell us about your process of becoming a writer?

Jenny: I was an English Literature major in college and I’ve always been a voracious reader. Writing is something I’ve always done sporadically, taking many writing classes over the years. This past year was the first time I considered doing it more seriously and part of the reason I moved back to New York after giving LA, my home town, another shot for three years in 2014.

I’m extremely fortunate to have a writing mentor, Susan Shapiro, who recently published The Byline Bible. She pushes me to put painful experiences on paper and send to publications. The first piece I officially submitted was bought and published by and two literary agents contacted me about representation. Beginner’s luck for sure but it gave me an esteem boost and I could suddenly envision being a professional yoga teacher AND a writer. Not to mention the two complement each other perfectly. Making art out of tragedy makes the tragedy less senseless and something that readers can identify with and potentially find solace.

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