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“Hyde clothing has always held a place in my practice and in my heart. The  colors, cuts and fit are consistent and beautiful both on the mat and off. The simplicity is key for me – I layer these pieces with other lines, and wear them in other contexts aside from yoga. Since their first season, the quality is undeniable and so right on. I’m proud to be wearing (and when I’m lucky, designing for) Hyde.”

Elena Brower 

Teacher, Author and Host of Practice You Podcast 

Schuyler Grant

“I’m not an ‘ambassador’ for ANY product lines; I just happen to love the clothes that Hyde makes, and I wear them, A LOT.  I love that they breathe, but I don’t become a shapeless sack when I sweat in them! They hug me just enough, but never squeeze. Hyde always features subtle but tasty colors, and flattering, creative cuts — no zany prints or silly, frilly details. I wear them OFF the mat almost all the time because I want to be ready to practice at any moment, but the truth is that they are simply among my very favorite clothes.  Period.”

Schuyler Grant

Director, Kula Yoga Project and Co-Founder, Wanderlust Festival



“I’m wearing the apricot-colored tops and bottoms from Wanderlust, loving their softness, and loving what you do for the world. I’ll wear you, and tell everybody the good news about Hyde!”

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Founder, Golden Bridge Yoga



Stephanie Snyder

“Hyde answers the call for high performance, insanely comfortable, and organic clothing. I wear it everywhere. It’s feminine and simple and always flatters. The fabrics are so soft and forgiving that I even wore the pants all the way through both of my pregnancies. These clothes are truly designed for my crazy yogi life-from teaching to practicing to running after my kids and on rare occasion actually lounging. LOVE Hyde!”

Stephanie Snyder

Founder, Love Story Yoga

Janet Stone

“The ease of slipping into my Hyde Yoga clothing is like the movement from inhale to exhale, so natural.”

Janet Stone

International Yoga Teacher Trainer

“Hyde is my go to pant. I love the colors and the comfort. It’s the first thing I pull out of the closet after I’ve done laundry, and that’s big.”

Nikki Vilella

Studio Director, Kula Williamsburg and Kula Soho


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Hyde Yoga Clothes and Apparel

Hyde Yoga has been providing teachers and practitioners of yoga around the world with the best in organic yoga clothes since 2005. With a dedication to quality, environmental consciousness, and superior comfort, Hyde Yoga has created a line of yoga attire that works with your body to give you the best possible yoga experience while flattering your figure. With yoga clothes for women, Hyde Yoga is dedicated to giving true yogis high quality yoga gear that will last for years to come.

Lightweight, Organic Yoga Clothes

At Hyde Yoga, we understand that not everyone feels comfortable in skin-tight yoga clothing. That’s why we make our yoga clothes from lightweight, organic cotton that breathes and moves naturally with your body. You should never feel constricted or uncomfortable in any of our yoga pants, yoga shorts, or yoga tops. All of our yoga apparel is designed to make you feel comfortable — even in the most awkward positions! We’re yogis ourselves, and we designed all of our clothes for yoga specifically.

Our yoga wear comes in a wide variety of cuts, styles, and colors. All of our attire for yoga is designed to provide you with maximum flexibility and mobility during any type of yoga session. Choose the clothes for yoga that will work best with your unique body — we have everything from hot shorts to loose, luxurious outerwear. Whatever your personal style preferences are when it comes to your attire for yoga, Hyde Yoga has flattering, comfortable yoga clothes to suit your needs.

Versatile Yoga Attire for Life

At Hyde Yoga we believe that yoga is more than just an activity — it’s a way of life. With that philosophy in mind, we have designed our yoga attire to work with your body both in the studio and out in the world. Our yoga clothes look just as sleek and flattering at a casual lunch with friends as they do in a yoga classroom. The breathable, lightweight material we use in our carefully constructed yoga shirts and pants makes our clothing for yoga the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Preferred Yoga Store to Yogis Worldwide

Hyde Yoga is the preferred yoga store of yogis around the world because we offer consistent, beautiful clothing for yoga that is well-crafted and classic. Our yoga apparel for women is designed to look great while giving you maximum flexibility and comfort. No matter what type of yoga you practice, we’re sure you’ll love practicing it in our organic yoga clothes.

Hyde Yoga was founded by people who love yoga and great yoga wear. Our small team is based in the United States. We’re readily available to offer you support and help you choose the right yoga clothing for you.