welcome to hyde. our mission is to design beautiful, earth-friendly activewear. we like to think of it as “eco-elegant” and invite you join us in our intention to live well, move freely and look as good as we feel.

we believe in mindful practice. what that looks like each day certainly varies, but whether on the mat, shuttling kids from here to there, or in the work of running the business, we are committed to digging deep, meeting ourselves where we are and working hard to get where we want to go. and when the effort gives way to ease, we’ll take it.

a.k. l’heureux (left) founded hyde in 2005 in lower manhattan, after a running injury forced her to slow down and introduced her to yoga. she created the line to bring together her style savvy, small business sensibility, love of yoga, and commitment to sustainable living. from the beginning, at the core of every hyde piece has rested the belief that less is more, integrity matters, community sustains us and the earth is ours to protect.

fast forward a decade plus, hyde is now based in marin county, ca and produced in los angeles. the line is loved by yogis, dancers, pilates enthusiasts and more, all of whom take their practice seriously — but not themselves. in addition, brook cosby, a yoga teacher turned entrepreneur, has joined a.k. in the ongoing adventure of designing pieces that are as thoughtful and considered as the yoga practice itself.

we’re honored to have you with us on the journey towards health, connection and well-being, one pair of organic cotton yoga pants at a time.

a.k. and brook