fifteen years ago, the hyde collection originated from a desire to move with comfort and ease. an avid runner, a.k. l’heureux had injured her illiotibial band and needed a new form of exercise. she began practicing yoga and soon recognized that it was relieving more than just her physical body.

the feeling of “all-rightness” and the experience of just being โ€“ engaging fully in the moment — led her to quit a corporate job, go to art school, begin working with a small design company, and ultimately create hyde: a line of organic cotton clothing that brings together her creativity, style savvy, small business sensibility, love of yoga, and commitment to sustainable living.

a.k.’s practice now includes raising two young children, so comfortable, versatile clothing has taken on an even greater importance. so has the value of teamwork. to that end, hyde now welcomes brook cosby as co-pilot on the ongoing adventure of designing graceful, affordable pieces that are as thoughtful and considered as the yoga practice itself.

this is how yoga has defined our experience.

how does is define yours?

a.k. & brook
hyde: how yoga defines experience

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