The Absolute Guide to Selecting the Best Yoga Pants

best yoga pantsNo two yogis are alike. Everyone has a favorite way to practice. Whether you love yoga for its calming effect on your mind or for the enlivened way your body feels, your favorite poses, classes and instructors are unique to you. And your yoga pants should be too!

When it comes to selecting the best yoga pants, the most comfortable pair for you are going to be the pants that celebrate your own distinct style and personality. In fact, the only hard and fast rule for choosing the perfect yoga pant is that they are breathable and move with your body. Hyde offers organic yoga pants made from high quality cotton, blended with 8% spandex , for a feel that’s incredibly soft to the touch and a fit that stays in place throughout your practice. Our two cents: Stay away from yoga pants that claim to be one-size-fits-all, because your unique body deserves a precise and flattering fit.

For the Low-Stress Goddess

If you head to the yoga studio seeking peace and tranquility after a long day at work, consider trying a drawstring yoga pant for a comfortable fit. A pant that gives you room to breathe from top to bottom like our divine drawstring will allow you to relax and enjoy easeful movement. You may also like an unstructured pant that flows with every movement like the ryder cropped pant. For a slightly trendier look that still gives you plenty of room to breathe, the chrystie pant is one of our favorites.

For the Empowered Warrior

If you love yoga for making your body as strong as your mind, you might prefer a fitted legging. Leggings have the benefit of never getting in the way during your most dynamic poses. We offer three styles of leggings all so comfortable you barely even know you’re wearing them. Try our lydia legging for a classic look, the wren legging for a sportier option, or the twisted seam legging for a little extra style.

For Street-to-Studio

Arguably the very best yoga pants are the ones you can wear just as comfortably around town as you can in class. We love yoga pants that offer a fitted yet fashionable look, like the kelly pant. The chrystie short also offers a sporty style that would look just as good at a summer barbecue as a Bikram yoga class.

Aside from tips mentioned above, remember that:

  • Just like your yoga practice, you are unique and should select a style of pant that makes you feel confident and comfortable.
  • Selecting casual looking yoga pants is never a bad idea if you need versatility in your life; wear your pants to class and then head to lunch with a friend without changing.
  • It’s important to choose pants that are durable and made from high quality fabrics.  You want to get some wear from your pants.  Choosing a blend of organic cotton and spandex will ensure longevity without unexpected tears.