Best Yoga Pants: The Perfect Blend

bets yoga pants

If you’re on the hunt for the best yoga pants that are also sustainably made and eco-friendly, you may find yourself a bit confused. According to all the experts, the most sustainable fabrics are made with just one eco-friendly fiber, such as 100% organic cotton. But almost all yoga pants are made of a blend of two or more materials. And often one of those materials is natural, and the other is manufactured.

What’s a mindful shopper to do?

While it is ideal to buy clothes made with just one fiber, that isn’t quite practical when it comes to sportswear, because you need a bit of stretch to ensure that the garment stays where it’s supposed to, moves with your body, and doesn’t stretch into a misshapen mess by the end of your yoga practice.

To help ensure that your yoga pants are as eco-friendly as possible, make sure that they are at least 70% one organic material. That material might be organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, or possibly linen. Just remember that “cotton” and “organic cotton” are not the same thing.

Cotton is considered one of the dirtiest plants in the world and is responsible for a huge portion of the pesticides used globally. Organic cotton, on the other hand, is grown without the aid of harsh chemicals using sustainable farming practices.

You’ll find that a lot of yoga pants are made of a blend of polyester and spandex or nylon and spandex. This material is often referred to as “bike short material” or simply “spandex.” It’s popular because it looks flattering, it doesn’t show sweat, and it wicks moisture away from your skin. But – in addition to not being a sustainable, eco-friendly choice – this material usually does not breath well and can often either be too constricting or have the tendency to ride up.

We think that the best yoga pants material – whether you prefer fitted leggings or flowy drawstring pants – is a blend of organic cotton and spandex. Most of our yoga pants and shorts are made of 87% organic cotton, 13% spandex. We use just enough spandex to give our pants flawless shape and comfortable stretch, but the main material is breathable organic cotton that is soft and supple.

In our opinion, the best yoga pants for women stay in place, are thick enough to bend over in, and have coverage that is both comfortable and adjustable (hence our many fold-over waistlines). We also think that the best yoga pants are built to last. A core tenant of sustainable shopping is buying only what you need and buying items that will last. That’s why we focus our line on high quality, timeless pieces that you can enjoy for years to come.

Check out all of the yoga pants and shorts in the Hyde line here including our 4 latest pieces made from 100% organic cotton.  These pieces include lightweight tops and pants that are not designed for yoga practice, but geared for those who want casual clothes that align with their eco-friendly values.