Anna has been teaching since 2002 and in all honesty, is simply in love with all things yoga. Influenced by various styles of yoga, she landed squarely in the vinyasa tradition thanks to it’s mash up approach and the space it allows for creativity and spirituality. Anna believes in the infinite possibilities of this practice and will always, always be a student first and foremost.  Her intention is to keep her classes and her teaching as real and balanced as possible and she is a big proponent of a healthy sense of humor.  In a nutshell, yoga helps Anna be her best, most authentic self and she is honored to share these tools to help others do the same.


Get to know anna

What inspired you to teach yoga?
I was and continue to be drawn to teaching yoga because of the unique opportunity to really blend the physical, mental and emotional aspects of being into the depth of the spiritual practice.
What keeps you practicing?
Simply put by David Swenson, "when I practice I feel better." I continue to practice, returning to the breath, the asana, all of the teachings, because every time, they welcome me, soothe me, guide me "hOMe"... with patience, wisdom, presence, grace and compassion
If you weren't a yoga teacher, what would you be?
In my wildest dreams--- I'd be a singer in a band, an artist of some sort, or a professor. :)
Besides yoga, what do you do to keep a healthy lifestyle?
I love to hike. I have a regular seated practice, I read books that keep reminding me of all the things I need reminding of, I eat healthy food (organic, yes!), and I do my best to get plenty of rest (easier said than done sometimes). Basically, I try to just keep remembering what really matters and what doesn't really matter. I try to keep my head on straight and practice svadhyaya, self study, so that self awareness is there for me when keeping my head on straight feels hard.