Caroline was born and raised in New York City and has been teaching yoga since 2013. She has completed over 1200 hours of training and continuing education as a yoga teacher, yoga integrative therapist, and attuned Reiki practitioner. Caroline’s training is based in New York City, where she received her certifications through YogaWorks, Yoga Shanti, and The Urban Zen Foundation.

Caroline balances playful and energetic asana with self-study, breath awareness, and meditation. Classes combine her knowledge of alignment with an interest in structuring creative, yet intuitive, sequences. Her teaching style is inspired with love, compassion, patience, and humor.

In addition to practicing and teaching yoga, Caroline loves going to museums and galleries, cycling, cooking with friends and family, playing outside with her dog, and volunteering her time at local animal shelters. Her favorite animal is a sloth, her favorite color is red, and her favorite place is the beach. Find her teaching in NYC at YogaWorks, Yoga Shanti, and Sync Studio. Finder her on Instagram and Twitter @deliciousyoga.


Get to know caroline

What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning yoga?
The advice I would give would depend on why they are starting yoga, but some general advice would be, regardless of your strength or flexibility go to the beginner level classes! Take a bunch, from different teachers at different studios, because chances are your are not going to enjoy your first class, but keep trying. And then when you find someone who speaks to you, take a few private sessions with that person to build a solid foundation. Yoga will change your life if you give it the chance.
If you weren't a yoga teacher, what would you be?
A nutritionist. Food is such a key part of my wellness routine and I would love to dive deeper into food science. I really believe that health begins with how we choose to nourish ourselves. With the right knowledge food can heal. Similarly to why I teach yoga, I would want to continue to offer tools to people to help them to live better in their bodies.
Tell us something most people don't know about you.
I love to sleep. I'm borderline sloth-like when it comes to my love of my bed and sleeping. As a really active person, I absolutely need 8 hours of sleep (9 hours would be ideal, but alas...). In order to do that, plus wake up, walk my dog, meditate, practice/go for a ride and get to my 7:30am class (5 days a week), I have to go to bed by 9pm. My bedtime is definitely a priority because so many things suffer when I don't honor it.
Besides yoga, what do you do to keep a healthy lifestyle?
There are so many ways to keep a healthy lifestyle, but for me some of the most important elements are to get outside, whether it's riding my bike, walking my dog, or a trip to the beach - if I can see green it's like double the wellness points! Also drinking tons of water, eating lots of organic fruits and veggies, and lots of sleep. I use all organic skin care and eco safe cleaning products at home. A healthy lifestyle for me is not just how I treat and take care of myself but also how I can contribute to creating a healthier environment in which to live.
What do you love about Hyde?
I make a huge effort to buy organic produce, non toxic cleaning products, chemical free skin care; I make everything from salad dressing to ice cream to nut milks so I can be in charge of what goes into my body. I compost, recycle, refuse plastic bags at stores, carry around bamboo cutlery so as not to use plastic for my on the go meals, and even use biodegradable poop bags for my dog, haha. Wearing Hyde was an obvious choice. I love that the clothing is made from organic cotton, it feels good to know that even with my clothing choices I can reduce my carbon footprint. My favorite piece is the long cami. I am always always in my yoga clothes, running around the city from class to class I love having a little extra coverage. And the Wren legging is just essential.