Claire specializes in supporting people who are interested in exploring the many benefits of yoga and meditation practices to improve their overall quality of life.  She offers public and office classes and private yoga sessions to help students feel greater strength and physical ease, as well as greater awareness, clarity and vision on their personal path.

Yoga was not easy for Claire at first. Through steady effort she was able to deepen her practice. The benefits she’s felt over time include increased relaxation, integration of mind and body, less stress and anxiety and feeling more at home in her self. This is why she returns to the practice day after day.

Claire invites students to step forward, dig deep, establish a foundation and from there: find greater freedom on and off the mat.


Get to know claire

Who/what inspired you to teach yoga?
At 17, my mom took me to my first yoga class. At the time, my thoughts were consumed by the typical teenage dramas and the hardships of coming of age. From that first introduction, my thoughts slowed down and I tapped into a sense that yoga created a space for deeper self-knowledge, processing and ultimately peace. I have been a committed student ever since. Two years into my practice I knew I wanted to study further and share this practice with others through teaching.
What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning yoga?
When you are a beginner is a beautiful time to allow yourself to start with a beginners mind. We often come to something new already with limiting beliefs about not being enough, flexible, strong, and more. The practice is meant to increase flexibility, focus and stamina. You don’t have to arrive with this. Give yourself space to be a beginner and try a beginner’s workshop or class series. Let it be for you and not about those around you and their level of experience.
Besides yoga, what do you do to keep a healthy lifestyle?
I try to keep my sleep balanced and eat well. I go to community acupuncture most weeks, which helps it be affordable. I work with a somatic based therapist to process held tensions. I get chiropractic care and massage when able. I see live music and
dance. I keep a close network of family and friend allies. I’ve taken the Facebook app off my phone and that helps me to stay focused with less distraction.
What do you love about Hyde?
I was introduced to Hyde while working with the non-profit Off the Mat into the World. I am inspired by their commitment to community partnerships and organics. Recently I watched the documentary on fast fashion called The True Cost. It exposes the dark sides in the world of cheap fashion and the many negative consequences of chemically processed cotton. Hyde’s clothing is comfortable, beautiful, versatile and friendly to those who produce it and the environment!