I’m a gal who grew up interested in beauty, the meaning behind the unseen, and love for moving the body. Fast forward this path led me to pursue many passions, but especially when I came to Ashtanga Yoga. I’m not your typical degree holding expert, but I know my path has been directed and is no more or less than another’s. It’s like in the Mysore room where each of us is working through our stuff, and it just may appear different if only viewed from the outside. I’m a bit offbeat, and I learned that I like it that way now. There’s no need to be more, but to embrace all that the Universe has to offer me in this lifetime


Get to know danielle

What are your goals as a teacher?
To always be a student. To never stop learning and understanding the self and practice.
Who/what inspired you to teach yoga?
I've had many teachers along the way, but in 2018 I connected with my current teacher, Krista Shirley, and she has had a significant impact on me and my teaching.
What keeps you practicing?
Every day is anew and renewed when I do. There is more space within the day to do the things I want with more wholeness, joy, and present moment awareness. Practicing helps me to become stronger and more decisive.
What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning yoga?
To start where you are, lead the practice with love and never stop exploring!
Tell us something most people don't know about you.
I can be introverted and hyper-aware which is both good and bad depending on how I am feeling. For those familiar with the Myers-Briggs personality types, I am an INFJ. I happily took a 1-year "van-life" trip last year with my husband.
Besides yoga, what do you do to keep a healthy lifestyle?
Ground myself in nature, eat a lot of avocados, and create healthy happy relationships.
Could you talk a little about how you feel about teaching yoga via social media, or your experience as a social media "influencer" in the yoga world?
In 2016 I started posting yoga pictures with quotes/my writings. In the beginning, it was a way I felt more comfortable with sharing yoga at that time. I already had the account for years with only less than 50 posts, so it was a surprise to me to find the yoga world being shared this way. I began participating in "yoga challenges," it was a fun way to win some designer yoga pants as a prize. I found it strange when I first started to receive comments, almost like I didn't believe it was authentic. Over the last nearly three years now I've built incredible relationships with yogis and "followers" on social media. Opportunities that I never thought would happen have through the random seeing of one another's picture. Getting to meet and create with photographers has been growing experiences for me.
Do you have any advice for the "screen time" epidemic we're all facing?
It can be difficult for me to take breaks from posting on social media without feeling any guilt about it, or experiencing the "FOMO" syndrome (Fear Of Missing Out). One piece of advice is to turn off your notifications; it's taken me a few times to learn that. A quote I saw in passing the other day read, "Comparison is the thief joy." - Teddy Roosevelt. I think it's healthy to give it a rest now and then and hopefully will one day be seen as usual. My daydream dare is for us all to not post for one day to see what we all experienced.
What do you love most about Hyde?
The integral lifestyle and supportive community that they embody and spread. Their natural fabrics are my favorite to practice in and support my values.