Elizabeth Crisci is a yoga teacher and artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her maternal grandmother was also a yoga teacher, and after a gymnastics injury as a child she began practicing herself. She’s spent her life studying and being in love with yoga and has had the honor of learning from many master teachers. At the age of 19, in 2006, she began teaching, this is the only career she’s had and she’s accomplished many personal goals as a teacher. Elizabeth has taught in workshops and trainings throughout the Northeastern US including many years at Wanderlust Festival. Today, she focuses on relaxation and therapeutic one on one work. She teaches with Tangerine Yoga and WOOM Center in New York City, since March of 2020 she has taken all of her teaching online and is honored to continue seeing her students’ growth during this time.



Get to know elizabeth

What are your goals as a teacher?
To lead my students back home to themselves. To a place of acceptance where they can develop the intelligence of their bodies and a curiosity about their own capacity. This is where growth begins.
If you weren't a yoga teacher, what would you be?
An artist, I majored in Photography at the School of Visual Arts and fine art is still a passion of mine.
What does organic mean to you?
Unforced, unf*cked with, raw and natural elements appearing just as they are.
What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning yoga?
Imagine every practice like one brick you are laying. To build a house (or a challenging pose) it may take many bricks, but each brick is equally valuable.
Besides yoga, what do you do to keep a healthy lifestyle?
Prepare my own meals, hiking, cross fit, meditation and lots of water.
What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?
“Be yourself and your students will find you.” from my mentor, Jean Koerner
What do you love about Hyde?
What I love about Hyde is that I can trust in the ethics of what I’m wearing I know Hyde comes from the heart, and the organic cotton pieces are the most comfortable in my closet.