Heisue’s practice began about 15 years ago. However, in the early years, her yoga practice was to mentally “check out” and be physical rather than checking in with herself. After a few injuries and life events, there was an immediate need for mindful self-inquiry practice, and her new relationship with yoga and meditation began after the first decade.

With over 800 hours of training in yoga, she is interested in body movement as a process for personal healing and liberation, and how we can further transform that process into a deeper collective connection, and towards a better course of action every day.

Heisue is a proud graduate of Trauma-informed yoga training with Prison Yoga Project, Off the Mat Into the World’s social justice and leadership training, and Functional Range Conditioning’s mobility program.

She credits to and is forever grateful for many teachers she’s studied with over the years. She is currently most inspired by Marla AptNoah Mazé, Brea Johnson from Heart and Bones Yoga, their teachers, and more.

Heisue believes she is always a student of yoga first, teacher second.



Get to know heisue

What are your goals as a teacher?
My dream is to be able to move my body freely even when I am 89. And I hope I can help my students towards this. I integrate daily body movements and traditional yoga postures in a sustainable way. I am always interested in new ways to move and I offer functional alignment-based yoga asanas, while actively building strength and body mobility.
What keeps you practicing?
I think the beauty of yoga is it always allows me to explore new ways to tap into physical body awareness and the new possibilities within. From different teachers, lineages and styles, there is always something to learn from.
What advice would you give someone just beginning yoga?
I’d say, Welcome! I'm glad yoga found you. If your goal is to improve your mobility, welcome! If it’s to rejuvenate deeply, welcome! If you want to experience the beauty of interoceptive awareness to nurture a quiet mind, welcome, welcome!
Besides yoga, what do you do to keep a healthy lifestyle?
To keep a healthy lifestyle, I practice “Shaucha” for my body and surroundings, and keep myself curious and open while practicing “Svadhyaya”. When I feel irritated, I step back and observe how my Rajasic and Tamasic qualities aren’t in balance. And the best lesson I learned during the Covid-19 lockdown was how to make myself my best friend. I pause when things are not aligned with my mind and body, and ask myself what I need, which has been very helpful for a clear and healthy mindset.