I started practicing yoga twenty years ago in Los Angeles. I was stuck in a job I couldn’t stand, reporting to jerks. I came to yoga as a way to escape this daily torture, and with each yoga class, the turmoil of life outside of my practice seemed less and less important. Ultimately, I asked myself why I was escaping through yoga and not escaping to yoga. Two decades later I have the privilege of being a full-time yoga instructor and teacher trainer. I have studied with some of the most incredible teachers working today–Maty Ezraty (founder of YogaWorks), Lisa Walford, Seane Corn, and Carrie Owerko. I have taught yoga to thousands of students and conducted trainings all over world. And most importantly I am able to do what I love everyday.


Get to know jenny

Who/what inspired you to teach yoga?
My first teacher was Seane Corn. For the first few years my practice was about moving and sweating profusely in order to quiet my anxious and overactive mind. Over time I was more interested in slowing down and understanding the poses on a more micro level. The teachers that have had the most influence on me besides Seane are Maty Ezraty and Carrie Owerko.
How has yoga changed your life?
Yoga has changed my life in every way imaginable. The list is so long I don’t know where to start. Through yoga I’ve become more conscious, kind, intentional and healthy.
What does organic mean to you?
When I was in my teens my mother introduced organic food to me. Before that I didn’t understand the dangers of pesticides. When I eat, use and wear organic products I feel like not only am I contributing to my own health but supporting a lifestyle that hopefully considers organic food, skin and hair products and clothing, the only way to shop. I also hope that one day organic products are more accessible to all socio economic populations, not just the upper middle class.
What are your goals as a teacher?
My goals as a teacher are to guide students toward a greater awareness of not only how they practice asana, but also to demonstrate that how we do anything is how we do everything. In other words, our bodies don’t know the difference between moving through a series of yoga poses on the mat and how we sit and walk or do anything that involves movement. If we sit spend hours looking down at our phones then that’s going to create deeper patterns in the nervous system than one hour a week of practicing yoga.
What keeps you practicing?
If I don’t practice regularly, and over twenty five years I've developed my own home practice, everything in my life suffers. Yoga has become who I am rather than something I do.
Besides yoga, what do you do to keep a healthy lifestyle?
I try my best to eat well, do other forms of exercise besides yoga (I love weight training, swimming, riding my bike as much as possible and get enough sleep.
If you weren't a yoga teacher, what would you be?
If I didn’t teach for a living I would work with animals.