In the early 2000s Jessica was a stressed out east coast transplant living in San Francisco. She discovered yoga and it immediately and profoundly changed her life for the better.

Now a California girl through and through, Jessica has been a devoted Yoga teacher and student for over ten years and has completed 500 hours of teacher training. She strives to help students become mindful, grounded and discover compassion for themselves and others.

Jessica’s challenging and joyful Vinyasa classes reflect her spiritual journey towards health and harmony and feature unique sequencing, inspiring Dharma teachings, upbeat music, skillful alignment instruction and a focus on mindfulness. She is thankful for her many teachers including Clayton Horton, Geoffrey Roniger, Rusty Wells, Jane Austin and most recently Lesley Desaulniers.

She is beyond grateful to her children Wyatt and Farrah for always reminding her to stay present and notice the beauty and wonder in every day.  Jessica currently teaches at Sukha Yoga in Novato and the West Marin Yoga Club.


Get to know jessica

What are your goals as a teacher?
My goals as a Yoga teacher are to offer a non-judgmental, supportive and loving space to help get people out of their heads and into their bodies and breath and to inspire compassion and love for one's self and others. I have found so much peace, joy and self acceptance through my practice and I feel like it's my Dharma to share with others the rich lessons of self care and self improvement that Yoga has taught me.
How has yoga changed your life?
Yoga has deeply and profoundly changed my life. When I first started practicing regularly in the early 2000s (shout out to the YogaLoft in San Francisco) I was a high strung East Coast transplant. I just moved to San Francisco from Manhattan where I had a "Devil Wears Prada-like" PR job. I soon realized that my time on the mat was almost the only time I wasn’t stressed, planning or worrying. And the more I practiced the more this peaceful, present feeling expanded off the mat and into my life. I started to connect to my inner sense of calm, peace and love. I started to like myself more and become a better friend, daughter, partner and just an overall better person. My true nature was being revealed though the practice and that was a good thing! I was hooked and I have had a regular and consistent practice ever since. Lately my practice has been about finding equanimity and compassion in the present moment, because for me that is the key to joy, contentment, good relationships and wisely taking action and standing up for what I believe is right.
Besides yoga, what do you do to keep a healthy lifestyle?
I meditate daily, get outside to for hikes and walks in my West Marin CA neighborhood, eat a healthy, mostly plant-based diet (with some room for treats), and get playful with my kids.
Tell us something most people do not know about you:
In addition to teaching Yoga and being a mama, I am a freelance copywriter and lead marketing for my husband's architecture firm, Craig O'Connell Architecture.
What does organic mean to you?
Organic means fresh, healthy, intentional, natural, sustainable, non-toxic, safe and worry-free. I love eating and wearing organic. And I love Hyde!