Rebecca Urban, Bex, as she’s affectionately known in yoga communities, is certified in Pilates and yoga. She began her yoga studies in 1994, and has taught in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2000. Her first formal yoga training was in the Ashtanga vinyasa system and then she went on to train in many other styles.

Her teaching is strongly influenced by Erich Schiffmann and the alignment of Iyengar yoga. Her approach focuses on developing an awareness of the breath as an essential connection between the mind, body, and movement. She leads with enthusiasm, warmth, and a gentle sense of humor.

Bex practices yoga daily at home with her daughter and two sons, who teach her the importance of presence, love, patience and happiness. She guides classes in the Bay Area, leads retreats and has a private studio for movement therapy. Bex can also be found online instructing classes on Yoga Anytime.



Get to know rebecca

What do you love about practicing yoga?
For me yoga is about finding space in the mind, body and spirit to slow down. The mat is a great platform for meeting ourselves exactly where we are in each moment. Life seems to be moving at such fast pace. Just attempting to keep up with our devices, cars and busy schedules requires time to reclaim breathing and conscious movement. As a child I developed a huge crush on Yoga. Seeing photographs of Sadhus and practitioners inspired me to want to move and be a bright being, sounds cheesy I know and yet it is my truth.
Who/what inspired you to teach yoga?
Teaching makes me happy and keeps me in the moment. Supporting students to breath, move and find joy in being themselves is always exciting for me. When I am teaching, I feel very present and every other aspect of life melts away. It truly is a breathing moving guiding practice for me. Watching people have “wow movements" and observing them deeply breathing is so rewarding. Helping allow students to appreciate each moment and the “gift of breathing” is very fulfilling.
Tell us about your students.
Since I began teaching in 2000, there has been incredible shift in the people who attend yoga classes. I feel very fortunate to offer classes to a varied population of ages, from 18-75. It is wonderful to watch students connect in class and converse with people after class and develop friendships. Several of my students have expressed gratitude for the “sangha/community” of the class. I love seeing the students gather for special events. One student shared she was a docent at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco for many years. Guess who got a very special tour, with other students, when the Yoga Exhibit came to town.
How has yoga changed your life?
Yoga shifted my life in many ways. It unspooled a bound body and rigid mind. Most of my world circle around highly competitive athletics, playing Division I field hockey, and being a distance runner. Yoga revealed something special to me in the stillness, which I had believed only happened when I was “running hard or pushing myself.” In order for me to peel back my layers, I needed quiet and more patience. I vividly remember being 5 and hoping to be great at ballet and gymnastics, literally dreaming about doing the splits and a perfect pirouette . Only to discover the teachers had gently informed, actually strongly encouraged, my parents not to waste their money and for me to take up soccer or other sports.
My favorite thing about Hyde
Hyde is a lovely feminine cozy yoga line. I always get compliments when I wear the clothing. It makes me happy to support a women owned business. Wearing organic is a huge plus and the pretty lines make me feel comfortable and fashionable. You will often find me at home in my divine drawstring, chrystie pant with a vira tank or long cami. On the mat, I love practicing in the Wren pant and taylor top. It is no exaggeration to say I am obsessed with my jojo shorts and wish I owned a pair in every color, yes I never tire of those beauties!