Rhiannon Kim (E-RYT 200, RYT-500) views yoga as a space of healing oneself so that we are better able to be sources of healing to and for each other. She has been teaching at Burlington Yoga since she completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2012. She completed her 500 Hour Teacher Training at Burlington Yoga in 2018.


Rhiannon holds a Master’s Degree in Speech and Language Pathology and will begin working toward her Doctorate of Education in the Fall of 2019 at UVM.  She currently teaches graduate level courses on Mindfulness, Equity, and Social-Emotional Development at the University of Vermont and St. Michael’s College and embeds this work into her speech and language pathology practice. She is continually deepening her study and experiences in yoga, meditation, equity & justice, and mindfulness.

Her work focuses on expanding awareness, compassion, and consciousness. Rhiannon blends her work of equity, trauma-aware practices, and mindfulness with yogic philosophies.

Rhiannon’s classes are lighthearted, focused and encouraging; offering modifications along the way to ensure an accessible practice for all beings and all bodies. Her style of teaching is influenced and inspired by Piper (Candra Prabha) and has been described as spacious, intentional, calm, and aware of body, breath and emotion.

Get to know rhiannon

Who/what inspired you to teach yoga?
Piper/Candra Prabha. I started practicing at her studio in 2010 and her classes felt like a space where I could simultaneously be challenged and nurtured. She encouraged me to take Teacher Training, which I did and loved.
What keeps you practicing?
When I have been out of practice even for a week, I feel less energized and more irritable. A regular practice helps me stay more grounded and better able to navigate inevitable stressors.
If you weren't a yoga teacher, what would you be?
I might be a writer. I like to creative aspect of putting thoughts, emotions, and stories into words and onto paper.
Tell us something most people do not know about you.
I'm biracial; Korean & White.
What advice would you give someone just beginning yoga?
Take your time finding a teacher who is a good fit for what you need. It is normal to feel awkward and uncomfortable especially when learning something new and outside of your comfort zone.
What does organic mean to you?
Fully living and honoring all life.
How has yoga changed your life?
Yoga helped me bring balance into my life as well as a sense of centeredness.
Besides yoga, what do you do to keep a healthy lifestyle?
I eat a whole-food mostly vegetarian diet. I bring two reusable water bottles with me everywhere I go to stay hydrated. I read for enjoyment. I've a gratitude journal practice for over 6 years and meditate. I stay connected with friends and family. I engage in social justice work.