Sara began her study of yoga in 1997, as a compliment to her dance training, and came to Ashtanga yoga in 2005. She has had the fortune of in-depth study with great teachers such as Doug Swenson, Tim Miller, Andrew Eppler, Max Strom and Ashtanga lineage holder Sharath Jois. Sara completed her 500RYT in Sadhana Yoga Chi with Doug Swenson (June 2011), emphasizing a holistic approach to yoga. She is a dedicated yoga practitioner, teacher, and health & animal rights advocate.

Over the years, Sara has cultivated an award-winning healthy recipe blog, The Innocent Primate Vegan Blog. After leaving the life of a scientist (Neuroendocrine Physiology), Sara opened Cherry Blossom Yoga in Spring, TX with her sister,Β Johanna.Β In addition to regular classes and teacher trainings at the studio, Sara travels frequently, offering workshops, teacher trainings and occasionally assisting Doug Swenson in his trainings and workshops.

Her teaching philosophy: “Yoga heals the mind, body, and spirit – loosens what’s tight, unbinds that which hinders, and comforts what aches.”


Get to know sara

What brought you to yoga practice and what keeps you going?
I was first introduced to yoga practice as an accompaniment to my dance training in college. When I was no longer taking dance classes, I found a yoga studio to continue my practice and fill that love of movement within the body. It was a studio in Kansas City where I found the Ashtanga practice, and I knew I found my home. I'll always love myriad styles of classes, but the Ashtanga practice always feels like I'm home within my body, on my mat, regardless of where I am in the world. This feeling of home, self-care, and exploration of the inner landscape keeps me returning the mat.

What's one thing you think people misunderstand about Ashtanga?
There's an exclusivity misperception of the Ashtanga practice, meaning that it can often be viewed as only for the young, athletic, already proficient in yoga, or otherwise flexible individuals. It can be a challenging practice, to be sure, but with proper guidance and a knowledgeable teacher, I believe the sequence itself can be adapted to any individual and their needs. I've personally seen the Primary series adapted to an individual who walked with a cane and took the entire standing series in a chair until he developed the strength & health to do it standing. I've worked with veterans, incarcerated men, at-risk youth, retired & current professional athletes, teenagers, 60+ seniors, and everything in between using the Ashtanga method. I've seen the vigor increased for students who needed more physical challenge, and reduced for a more gentle approach. The Ashtanga practice is not the sweat we build or the number of vinyasa's we take in a 90 minute period, it's the community we build through an established sequence of poses. It's the attention we give to how we connect the mala of these pre-set sequences. In the right teaching hands, an Ashtanga practice can truly be for anyone because the basis is research -- research & exploration into our own abilities through an established sequence.

What about Hyde has made us part of your yoga wardrobe for all these years?
When I first tried Hyde, I instantly fell in love with the feel of the cotton on my skin. The breathability of the cotton during my practice made for (and continues to provide) a more pleasant experience. My favorite practice shorts are still the Chrystie short - the fit, the feel, the durability. Additionally, I appreciate the business practices of the Hyde company, and I love supporting a company with solid ethics and heart.
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