Sarah Perle’s yoga journey began in the year 2000 when she took her first class. She immediately felt a connection with the practice, and her passion for the practice bloomed throughout the years to come. As an elementary school teacher, Sarah found yoga to be a central part of her self-care routine. The physical practice challenged her body, while the whole practice breathed balance into her life.  Sarah began teaching in 2010 and continues to be a lifelong learner of the path of yoga. She teaches in and around Portland, Maine and in January 2018, Sarah also launched the “Yoga of Maine” podcast, which can be found on Apple podcasts.  As a yoga teacher, Sarah focuses on creating a space of increased awareness and peaceful energy for her students while offering intentional sequencing and attention to the breath in physical poses. She approaches the practice from a functional rather than aesthetic perspective.  Sarah believes that the practice of yoga is one of inquiry and compassion, which is bolstered by the sense of connection found when practicing in a community.


Get to know sarah

What keeps you practicing?
Yoga is a way of life for me, and I am continually committed to practicing mindfulness and intentional living (some days are easier than others of course!). I find when I practice even five minutes of yoga asana or meditation, I experience shifts in my body and mind. I am more open-hearted and grateful as I go with the ever changing flow of life.
What advice would you give someone just beginning yoga?
If you’re breathing consciously, you’re doing yoga! You do not need to be flexible or know any of the poses to begin a practice. Try out a variety of classes with a variety of teachers and find with what style or who you connect. Many studios also periodically offer Yoga 101 type workshop series so that can be a good space to explore your curiosity about the practice.
What does organic mean to you?
Organic is so important for our bodies and our planet! One of the things that I love most about Hyde clothing is the organic materials (along with them being made in the USA and the company being female owned and operated). Really, what a fabulous business! It makes me proud to represent the brand.
How has yoga changed your life?
As a recovering perfectionist, yoga has shifted my perspective in so many ways. Through years of struggle with anxiety, depression, and infertility, yoga has been invaluable. Honestly, I don’t know how I would navigate life without my practice. The practice helps me move through difficult emotions and challenging experiences while increasing gratitude, curiosity, compassion and positivity. I feel lucky to live in a time when yoga is flourishing.

Besides yoga, what do you do to keep a healthy lifestyle?
In addition to my home yoga practice and attending as many yoga classes as possible, I love to hike, walk along the ocean in Maine, jog, and take barre and bootcamp classes. Being in nature with fresh air and lack of technology brings health to my lifestyle. In addition to my physical and spiritual practices, I also try to feed my body healthy foods as part of my lifestyle. I have found that intentional eating is another form of yoga. As with everything, there is a balance. Some days a healthy lifestyle means allowing my body to rest and/or indulging in some sugary treats!