Sophie began her journey on the mat in 2008 in Madison, Wisconsin, and has been nothing short of headstand-over-heels in love since day one. She moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2011 in order to expand her practice, shift her perspective, and pursue an undergraduate education in Business and Socially Responsible Enterprise at the University of Colorado at Boulder. In 2013, she became a Yoga Alliance certified teacher, and remains a constant student. Sophie wholeheartedly believes in the inimitable, transformative physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits that yoga is capable of providing, and is passionate about making yoga accessible to everybody and for every body.

Outside of the studio, Sophie humbly and enthusiastically serves the Give Back Yoga Foundation, as she has found its purpose and vision are reflections of her own. Sophie can also be found running local trails, skiing, finding new ways to learn, grow, and expand, and spending time with family and friends, basking in Boulder bliss all the while. On and off the mat, she is constantly seeking alignment in right thought, speech, and action.


Get to know sophie

What are your goals as a teacher?
To be able to hold safe space for those seeking to unravel and discover in their own way on their own time, body/breath/mind. The whole is the goal!
Who/what inspired you to teach yoga?
The love of the practice, and the community I have been incredibly blessed with. For the first five or so years of practicing, I came up with every excuse to not teach: I am too young, I am not flexible enough, etc. With encouragement from several of my mentors and ample time, I realized I had every reason to enroll in a 200 hour program; teaching has since become a practice within itself which I have a Pacific-deep love for.
What keeps you practicing?
My insatiable curiosity, gratitude for the ability to move/process/celebrate/heal, and the desire to stay inspired. A longtime friend and teacher of mine revealed his secret to teaching successfully and sustainability: practice at least as much as you teach. You can only serve from a full cup.
Tell us about your students.
My students are my teachers. Yes, some of them are actually yoga teachers, but beyond that, I am marveled, inspired, and humbled by all those willing to courageously show up and allow for me to hold space for a fragment of their human experience.
If you weren't a yoga teacher, what would you be?
Very fittingly I find the flexibility associated with teaching yoga allows for me to simultaneously pursue an array of personal and professional passions.
What does organic mean to you?
I associate "organic" with natural; effortless, feels good, and of the earth. There is a grounding quality to that word, and a rooting property to products that embody such a nature.
What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning yoga?
Be patient. Be open. Be a beginner, always and in all ways.
Tell us something most people don't know about you.
I live in an amazing home with several of my "omies" here in Boulder, and each plant that enters the space receives a name and becomes a respected part of the family. To name a few: Uma (an orchid), Penelope (a lily), and Thomas (a jade).
How has yoga changed your life?
Yoga has made me stronger and flexible physically, yes, but also emotionally and intellectually. Yoga, on and off the mat, forces me to be honest with myself. Yoga allows me to drop into a space of greater authenticity and alignment, and recognize and adjust when necessary. Yoga is a practice in self accountability.
Besides yoga, what do you do to keep a healthy lifestyle?
Living in Boulder, Colorado, I am lucky to live in a place where eating healthfully happens organically, and it is possible to hold meetings while hiking to a mountaintop versus in a board room. Anything and everything outdoors, and running rain, snow, or shine. Pounding the pavement is an amazing outlet for me to process in addition to my asana practice.
What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?
A guiding principle from my father, "In any given situation, you can laugh or you can cry, so you might as well laugh. Life's all about how you handle adversity."
What do you love about Hyde?
There is so much I love about Hyde. From the clothes themselves, breathable and beautiful, to a mission guided by steadfast principles, Hyde is a part of my lifestyle which I actively encourage others to seek. As a proud and passionate team member of Give Back Yoga Foundation, I believe in Hyde's giving initiative and bow to all those humbly serving to make a positive impact on this planet.