Stephanie has been teaching yoga since 2000 and founded Love Story Yoga in San Francisco in 2017. She is also the creator of the Yoga Journal video, Yoga for Strength and Toning. Stephanie is known for her inspirational teaching style. Students appreciate Stephanie’s unique ability to infuse her Vinyasa classes with yoga philosophy, conscientious alignment, and heart-felt humor. Her commitment to breath, movement, happiness, and prayer make Stephanie one of the country’s most sought after teachers. As one of the first teachers featured on, she has hundreds of online classes available including vinyasa yoga, pre and post-natal yoga and yoga for recovery.

She is indebted to her beloved teacher Sri Dharma Mittra for sharing with her the real heart of the practice. She has also been deeply influenced by Richard Rosen, Tias Little, Nicolai Bachman, and Ramanand Patel. She honors the Krishnamacharya lineage.

Stephanie’s down-to-earth, generous and loving vinyasa classes are living labs for self-discovery, acceptance and truth. There are two requirements for attending Stephanies classes: a desire for positive change and a good sense of humor.


Get to know stephanie

What keeps you practicing?
I keep practicing after all these years because it is the only thing I do that can improve my physical, mental, and psychological well being simultaneously. Plus, its a total pleasure to practice yoga so its just a win all around.
What advice would you give someone just beginning yoga?
If you're just starting out with yoga, give it a few tries with different teachers and styles until you find the right fit. It wont take long to get into a groove and before you know it, you'll be hooked!
What does organic mean to you?
Natural, necessary and nurturing.
Besides yoga, what do you do to keep a healthy lifestyle?
I spend a lot of time outdoors either at the beach swimming or on a trail hiking to my favorite tunes. Nature always inspires me.