For me, yoga is a map for being in the world. I am as much in this process as any client I work with, or student I teach. I am an integrative therapist and yoga teacher, and offer public and private yoga classes, as well as individual psychotherapy, consultation, and training in my private practice. I describe my work as integrative, meaning I believe in tending to the physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual elements of human experience. I believe that yoga is a coalescence of many gifts, but above all, a method for introspection and self-study. As a therapist and yoga teacher, I believe in empowering people from the inside out. In my teaching, I aim to help individuals access their innate wisdom, self-compassion, vitality, resources, and be the agent in their own healing.

I attained my 200-hour yoga teaching certification under the guidance of Ame Wren through Boston Yoga School. I completed over 100 hours of yoga therapy training and mentorship with Kate Graham through Soulful Yoga Therapy. I am grateful for my many teachers and mentors along this path.


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