Celebrate Spring with These Rejuvenating Yoga Poses

Spring has finally begun! If you’ve been trudging through a dreary winter, the time has arrived to shake off the drudgery of months past, slip into your favorite organic yoga clothes, and reinvigorate your body, mind, and spirit.

Our bodies have natural systems in place for regular detoxification, but the food we eat, our lack of movement, and other bad habits can hinder those natural processes and add to a glum wintry disposition. To leap into spring on the right foot, here are seven detoxifying spring yoga poses that will invigorate your circulatory, digestive, respiratory, and lymphatic systems.

Three-legged Downward-facing Dog

From down dog, raise one of your legs high into the air. This adds a bit of heat to the normally restful downward-facing dog position and helps get your blood flowing. As part of a spring yoga sequence, you can pull your raised leg all the way through to a forward lunge position to begin a sequence that will enliven your whole body.

Wide-legged Forward Bend

This simple pose brings the head below the level of the heart, encouraging circulation while providing a great stretch through the hamstrings. It’s also a good first step if you want to add inversions to your spring yoga practice.

Revolved Chair Pose

Adding a twist to your chair pose will help stimulate digestion as you put your quads and abs to work. This pose also helps promote better blood flow, respiration, and lymphatic function. If you’re feeling sluggish, this is the pose for you.

Seated Heart Opener

This pose promotes better posture while also opening up the heart and lungs, making it easier to take deep, cleansing breaths. Deep breath alone can detoxify the body by expelling carbon dioxide, breaking up lactic acid, and promoting lymphatic function.

Plow Pose

This favorite pose promotes proper digestion by placing gentle pressure on the stomach, intestines, and bladder. It also aids in proper spine alignment and relieves pressure in the back, helping you feel taller and more energetic.

Bound Headstand

If you’re up for it, a full inversion is the perfect way to get the blood flowing and strengthen the entire body in the process. Headstands boost metabolism, stimulate the nervous system, and help release toxins from the body through a good sweat.

Supine Spinal Twist

When you’re ready to cool down, a deep spinal twist while lying on your mat can help relieve stress in your back while applying gentle pressure to your stomach, liver, and kidneys, boosting natural detoxification. You can do this pose for five deep breaths on each side or for several minutes. Do what feels good.

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