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centered reflection

the heart of the hyde community is our teacher’s lounge, a network of expert teachers around the country. each month, we ask a few of them share what they’re teaching these days — and what personal practices are supporting their wellness and joy, even during these most challenging times.

this month, our featured teachers converge on the importance of getting centered.

meet danielle hicks • orlando-based danielle shares her passion for ashtanga yoga, poetry, road trips and self discovery with her vast instagram following. as a naturally shy person, she shares that taking the seat of the teacher did not come easily, but thankfully her love of the yoga practice helped her overcome that obstacle. so much so that later this spring, she’ll be teaching yoga via a new, inclusive, ad-free health and wellness video platform, launching this summer. to find out more… connect with danielle.

favorite hyde piece: the taylor tank

“it’s incredibly comfortable to wear during my practice, i love the design of the straps, and the color twilight is so beautiful!”

practice right now: morning pages

several months ago i read the artist’s way by julia cameron, which prompts you to journal three full pages each morning of truly anything that comes to mind, from details that seem irrelevant to thoughts that keep stirring in your mind. just keep writing without pause, as best you can, up until the last sentence. this practice, called morning pages, has helped me nurture a deeper relationship with myself, plus given me room to contemplate the day ahead. i still do it every day and highly recommend!

meet adesina cash • founder and director of oakland, california’s hot spot yo, adesina is thrilled that indoor classes are coming back to the schedule. over the last year, she downsized from three studio locations to two, and has now run the studio fully online for nearly a year. after learning how to keep her community connected virtually, she tell us: “i am over the moon to know that we are going to return to indoor classes in may!” join her indoors.

favorite hyde piece: the jojo short

“right now i am loving my jojo shorts! the fabric is amazingly soft and feels great. i’ve been wearing them out on my runs and for my post-run yoga flows and they are perfect! not only are the bright colors perfect for spring, but the cute style with the drawstring ties on the side makes my butt look great!”

practice right now: self centering rituals

as her studio moves towards reopening, adesina feels a current of vibrant new energy around her. as excited as she is to tap into it, she also recognizes the importance of preserving the slower pace and sense of internal ease she’s been able to cultivate during the last year. she practices and recommends self centering for transformative moments like this. “i’ve found a combination of writing in my journal, movement, and meditation helps me to clear any mental roadblocks i have, or address any fears or worries that might take me out of my flow. it’s this mind/body connection that helps me return to the present moment, especially where so much of the external world is in flux.”

meet elizabeth crisci • brooklyn-based elizabeth teaches private and group yoga, and also guides folks in understanding tarot. she offers a virtual course focused on intuitive tarot reading, encouraging you to listen to your own inner voice and use your unique perspective while reading the cards. elizabeth’s trainings are inclusive and she offers sliding scale pricing for anyone who needs it. what’s in the cards for you? see elizabeth in your future.

favorite hyde piece: the olema crop

“these leggings are my favorites! the 3/4 length is perfect, and i love the high rise so much. they are just so comfortable and flattering.”

practice right now: centering meditation

elizabeth uses this technique before reading tarot, and recommends it for anytime you need to clear your mind and soften your energy.

take a comfortable seat with your pelvis upright, align your spine over the center of your pelvis and close your eyes. listen for the sound of your own breath from the inside. take your time, slowly deepen and elongate your breath. match the length of your inhale and exhale, keep your breath free of strain. focus your attention on your third eye center (again, without any strain in your facial muscles or eyes). imagine your mind opening up like a flower in bloom. visualize a softening at the crown of your head. if you get distracted or anxious, return to focusing on your breath before moving your attention upward. practice for 5-15 minutes to shift your energy and open yourself to inspiration.