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why choose organic yoga clothing?

Why do we design the Hyde collection in organic cotton? The answer is simple: organic cotton is cleaner, more sustainable for the planet, healthier for farmers, and more comfortable for consumers than non-organic cotton.

Cotton is widely considered the dirtiest crop on the planet. It only covers about 2.5% of the world’s cultivated land, but 16% of all the insecticides used every year are used on cotton. That equates to about twelve pounds of chemicals per acre of cotton. Most of these chemicals are considered Category I or Category II by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), meaning they contain probable carcinogens. In addition to the insecticides sprayed onto non-organic cotton, chemicals are found in the fertilizer, defoliants, and the plants are grown from GMO seeds. Plus, the lack of organic matter in the chemical fertilizers used to grow most cotton make it hard for the soil to absorb water, leading to extensive chemical runoff into rivers and lakes.

Organic cotton doesn’t use any insecticides or herbicides. It is grown in organic fertilizer, pest-hunting insects are used to hunt harmful insects, and the crops are weeded by hand rather than sprayed with herbicides. When organic cotton is picked, it is only treated with non-toxic dyes and bleaching methods.

There’s no disagreement that organic cotton is more sustainable and better for the environment as well as consumers. Which is why at Hyde, we make organic yoga clothing: because we believe it’s the best choice for our customers. Organic yoga pants and tops are not only more sustainable, they’re also more comfortable. The fabric we use breathes beautifully, the way cotton is meant to, and it allows for an unhindered yoga practice. While organic cotton is slightly more expensive than non-organic cotton, Hyde pieces are still less expensive than many of today’s synthetic alternatives.

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