Common Yoga Wear Mistakes

If you’re like us, you probably love the thrill of trying on a new pair of yoga pants or a new yoga top for the first time. But sometimes a flattering reflection in the mirror can lead to impulsive buying decisions that you’ll end up regretting later.

You might soon discover that the top that looked so good in the mirror falls off almost completely in down dog, or you may end up ripping poorly made yoga pants after just one wear.

To help ensure that your yoga wear doesn’t just look good but also functions the way it’s supposed to and lasts for years, watch out for these common yoga wear buying mistakes.

  1. Buying from a fast fashion store

Places like H&M might have new athleisure wear every month with cute prints and on trend styles, but fast fashion clothes are made to fall apart. Fast fashion is responsible for an enormous amount of waste, and while the price point may make these yoga clothes seem appealing, you’ll likely spend more over the long haul for clothes that will end up in landfills at an astounding rate.

Instead, look for eco-friendly yoga clothes made from sustainable materials and using sustainable manufacturing processes. Your clothes will fit better, last longer, and you can feel better about buying them.

  1. Taking the tags off without trying a few poses

Whether you buy in stores or online, it’s important to make sure that your yoga clothes will serve the function you bought them for before you buy or violate the return policy. Put on the outfit and try a few poses to make sure that your new pants or top don’t reveal anything you don’t want revealed, don’t ride up, and don’t slip down.

When buying online, buy from sources that you’ve grown to trust or that have a great reputation – Hyde, for example! Look for descriptions that emphasize fit, not just style. And be sure to check return policies.

  1. Not paying attention to materials

There is a big difference between cotton and organic cotton. There’s also a big difference between sustainable fabrics and synthetic blends. Organic yoga wear will last longer, likely be more comfortable, and have less of an impact on the environment.

Look for fabrics that will breath so you don’t get uncomfortable or overheated during your practice. And if you’re buying yoga pants in particular, try doing a tree pose before you buy. If the fabric is too slick, your foot might slip right off your inner thigh.