Eco-Friendly Workout Clothing: Hyde’s Top Picks

1. Eco-Friendly Workout ClothingAt Hyde we do our best to provide yogis with eco-friendly clothing that is fashionable, comfortable, and has a low environmental impact. We do this by using organic cotton in all of our yoga apparel.

Whereas conventional cotton uses chemicals, insecticides, and frequently comes from GMO seeds, organic cotton is grown on sustainable farms without chemicals. Organic cotton is typically weeded by hand, uses organic fertilizers, and relies on pest hunting insects in order to stay healthy and productive.

Nearly all of our yoga clothes are made from a blend of 92% organic cotton/8% spandex. The incorporation of some spandex helps our pants and tops stay in place while you move without compromising the breathability of the cotton.

Organic Yoga Clothing Breathes Better and Feels Better

Breathable fabrics, like the fabric our organic yoga clothing is made from, help keep you cool while you work out by transferring heat away from your body. Wicking fabrics do a better job of keeping you dry by directing sweat off of your body, but wicking fabrics are usually made from synthetic materials like polyester, and they are generally a bit heavier. We love our breathable organic clothing because it’s more eco-friendly than synthetic workout clothes and — we think — more comfortable, too!

Our Top Eco-Friendly Yoga Apparel Picks

Here are some of our favorite picks for summer, eco-friendly workout clothing:

The long cami: a must have layering piece, the long cami features an elegant ballerina back that lets you show off your sun-kissed skin during outdoor practice sessions. Wear it under your favorite tops for extra length and a splash of color this summer.

The chrystie short: heading to the beach or to the yoga studio? Either option works when you don these cozy drawstring shorts. Unlike other yoga shorts, the chrystie short is the perfect length for your practice. You’ll have the benefit of remaining cool during your workout and be able to let go of the worry that your shorts will ride up or worse, fall down. And the drawstring-tied hem prevents any unintended exposure.

The lydia legging: an essential piece for any yogi’s wardrobe. These pants have a slightly lowered waste for a flattering fit that will stay in place. Pick a few up in your favorite colors to wear to practice or under a boho tunic around town. The lydia legging is so versatile and comfortable, it’s definitely a summer must have for your yoga clothing collection.

When you choose to wear eco-friendly workout clothing, we promise that you’ll not only look and feel good, you’ll also be making a choice that is truly great for the environment. And really, it doesn’t get any better than that!