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our “live from the lounge” blog series profiles members of our teacher’s lounge to share what they’re teaching these days — and what personal practices are supporting their wellness and joy, even during these most challenging times.

meet sara turk • owner of houston’s cherry blossom yoga, sara has recently launched CBYtv+, an on demand catalogue of classes with select livestream practices. membership includes weekly office hours, pranayama, and ashtanga-based practices, plus a workshop series to help those with long-haul covid-19 or other serious illness, designed by her sister joanna, a devoted ashtangi who’s been suffering from the effects of covid since mid-april.

limited enrollment opens 12/23, and she warmly invites the hyde community to save 20% on the first 6 months of CYtv+membership with code HydeFamily.

sara’s practice right now: patience. her longtime mantra had been kindness, but when sara shifted from kindness to patience, “i found myself becoming kinder to those around me.” knowing that we’re all working through pandemic fatigue on top of regular life stress, kindness often feels like a big ask, and patience a gentler approach to the same goal. sara is pleased to share that by now practicing patience, she finds she’s being kinder and more compassionate to herself than before.

for more of sara’s wisdom, visit her online at

meet ellen huang • long time prop advocate, los angeles-based ellen now offers her classes with props — and without! — via her new online studio, the practice place. this subscription program features a library of over 65 classes in various lengths to help you slow down, wake up, you name it. the content is always current (3-5 new practices each month) and covers what she’s practicing now, plus a return to the “fun stuff” from years ago.

ellen kindly invites the hyde community to take 50% off their first month with code hydelove through 1/31/21; register here.

ellen’s practice right now: gratitude. gratitude is a game changer, but it can be hard to summon when we’re in a stuck place. ellen suggests that you first state what it is that you want/need. for example, “i want to spend less time cooking and cleaning.” then, state something you do have: “i have a kitchen full of healthy food, and am a really fabulous cook!” she emphasizes that finding gratitude for our good fortune isn’t meant to negate the wish for something different, but to broaden our experience of our own lives.

for more of ellen’s wisdom, visit her online at

meet hanakyle moranz • brooklyn-based movement maven and founder of the body hotline, hanakyle noticed that the pandemic has caused everyone, herself included, to spend more time sitting down. in may 2020 she launched 5 minute movement daily reminders to help everyone now working from home to get up and get moving with short videos on mobility, stretching and strengthening.

hanakyle graciously invites the hyde community to try it out for 5 days, totally free. and take 50% off the first month of a subscription with code HYDE.

hanakyle’s practice right now: tense and relax

when she’s having trouble falling asleep, hanakyle likes to start with the toes and travel up the body, tensing muscles in one small area at a time and then relaxing them as much as possible. if you’re anything like her, you might even fall asleep before you get to your head!

for more of hanakyle’s wisdom, visit her online at

meet jessica pate • boston-based yoga teacher and trained physiologist jessica has a full schedule of weekly virtual classes, as well as an upcoming workshop: rediscovering ease in the hips on january 23. this live online practice will explore how the hips are in constant relationship with every aspect of our being — and how finding ease in our bodily mechanics involves more than just working with our muscles and bones. this workshop is available at 50% off for bipoc students.

jessica also offers by donation yoga every wednesday morning over zoom. contact her to join.

jessica’s practice right now: expansion. this year, jessica has found the therapeutic benefits of widening. even by shifting her gaze point to the periphery, she’s found new access to breath in the side body, as well as a quieter mind.

try this: secure a belt around the diaphragm (base of the ribs), sit upright, and allow the eyes to soften and widen (whether open or closed). the belt acts as a tactile invitation for the breath to start to expand outward into. allow the breath to be slow and luxurious, taking your time to find the breath and the belt on the sides of the body. be patient, and observe the effects wider vision and breath have on your body, your mind, and your spirit.

for more of jessica’s wisdom, visit her online at


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