Expert Tips for a Better Yoga Practice

Expert Yoga Tips

One of the things we love most about yoga is it is always a process and never perfect. Because yoga is a philosophy for daily living in addition to a physical practice, by definition there is no way to do it absolutely correctly. But you can always look for ways to improve yourself and the world around you.

These simple yoga tips can help you enjoy a better practice whether you’re just starting out or are deep into your studies.

1. Remember to breathe.

Breathing is at the core of every yoga posture. Breathing slowly and deeply, with controlled “ujjayi” pranayama practice, helps relax the body, center the mind, and renew the spirit. Mindful breathing needn’t stop after practice sessions; incorporate steady breathing in your everyday life, whether you’re faced with stressful situations at work or are trying to improve your everyday energy.

We invite you to wear clothing that “breathes” too. Choose items made from organic fabrics that are breathable, letting you move freely and stretch fully. We love the divine drawstring pant for everyday wear. Pair it with a jenjen tank for a studio-to-street look that will breathe with you all day long.

2. Smile.

Incorporate joy into your yoga practice, for as Patanjali notes in the Yoga Sutra, asana should be “sthira” and “sukha” – steady and sweet. When you stretch too far or do something that feels uncomfortable, your body’s first reaction will be to stop smiling. Try smiling your way through an entire practice session. Whenever you sense yourself losing your smile, back off a bit and find the position that makes you feel strongest, most composed, and most joyful. Remember that yoga isn’t a competitive sport — you shouldonly stretch as far as your body is able to in the present moment.

You can make it even easier to smile during yoga with clothes that fit comfortably and correctly. Pick yoga pants that stretch and move with your body without constraining you. The twisted seam legging is a great choice for maximum flexibility, and with a top like the kitkat tank you’ll never have to worry about overexposure.

3. Don’t let your mind, body, or clothing get in the way of your preferred practice form.

Whether you prefer Iyengar yoga or Ashtanga, allow yourself to become fully immersed within your practice by leaving your cares and concerns at the door.
The best clothes for yoga are clothes that you’ll be able to forget about entirely as you practice. For example, loose-fitting organic yoga clothing might be ideal for meditative yoga, but you’ll probably want something that clings more securely to your form when you practice Bikram yoga. The wren legging is a good choice for nearly any type of practice.

4. Don’t stop practicing when you leave the studio.

As we said before, yoga is a way of life. Carry the knowledge that you gain during yoga practice with you to the office, through interactions with friends, and back home. Always remember your breathing and keep your body ready for movement with comfortable-yet-stylish yoga outfits that you can wear in the studio or around town. We love the kelly pant paired with the v top for a look that’s comfy and flattering at the same time.  Wearing your yoga clothes outside the studio may just remind you to stay in the moment and surrender to bliss.