Fall Yoga Poses that Ground and Center

Fall Yoga PosesAs the days get shorter and a crisp chill enters the air, you’ll likely find yourself drawn to comfort foods, long sleeves and the growing urge to spend more nights at home by the fire — whether your studio apartment has a hearth or not. According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian sister science to Yoga, this is because fall is the time in which the land dries out. It is a time marked by wind, cooling, anddepravation. Fall sits in stark contrast to the warmth and fullness of summer, so Ayurvedic principles suggest keeping your body grounded and at peace during fall by eating heavier foods this season, indulging your senses, and practicing grounding fall yoga poses.

Grounding yoga poses help your body feel less vulnerable to the airy dryness of fall.When chilly breezes coming rolling through, arm balances, backbends, and inversions can leave your body feeling exposed and zapped of energy. Grounding poses, on the other hand, can help you find energy to face the new beginnings and challenges that come with the fall season.  If you want to feel more grounded and centered during these chillier months, remember that:

  • Mountain pose is a perfect way to start each morning. Stand tall and firm, feeling the weight and strength ofyour whole body before you face your day.
  • Child’s pose reconnects your body and spirit with the earth, putting you into a comforting, fetal position that reduces stress and alleviates pain.
  • Warrior poses in all variations are empowering and energizing regardless of the season, but the extra energy they deliver is particularly important in fall.
  • Goddess pose creates a firm connection with the earth while also revitalizing the spirit and fostering a sense of determination.

Organic Yoga Clothing Perfect for all Fall Poses

The yoga poses we suggest are only made more effective by your comfort during practice, and to that end, the right clothing can play a significant role. Fall is a good time to put away your tanks and hot shorts and replace them with cozier organic yoga clothing. Long sleeve tops like the varanasi longlseeve or the bombay hoodie will help keep your body warm andmake you feel protected. Likewise, longer pants like the twisted seam legging, the lydia legging, or the divine drawstring pant will help create an energetic boundary that will strengthen your focus and discipline during the windy months of fall. All of these styles are available in warm fall colors like aubergine, persimmon, and moss to help you not only feel your best this season, but look it, too.

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