Have You Heard of these Interactive Yoga Apps?

Looking for ways to check your posture alignment outside of the yoga studio? Want an easy way to introduce your children to yoga? Wish you could bring a customizable yoga class with you in your pocket wherever you go?

There’s an app for that.

There’s no shortage of yoga apps available on both the Android and iOS platforms. Sifting through all the options can be a workout in and of itself. Fortunately, plenty of experts out there have already done the sifting and pointed out what they think are the best apps.

We haven’t tried all these apps personally, but these are the ones that struck as the most creative, the most customizable, and/or the most helpful. Let us know what you think of these apps, if you’ve tried them, and let us know what other apps we should all try!

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Down Dog

This Android and iPhone app is incredibly well-rated. It uses videos posted on YouTube, so that means you need an internet connection to watch the videos – but it also means you can see the content without the app. This app has lots of instruction for beginners and free sequences for everyone (including advanced practitioners) ranging from 15-90 minutes. FREE

Yoga Studio by Gaiam

This app lets you choose from a collection of videos to create your own custom flows. You can string together short sequences to build the class you want, or you can use one of the app’s preset class videos. This app, apparently, does not mention any modifications or props and assumes a basic knowledge of poses and alignment. FREE (to start)

I Am Love

This iPhone app is designed to introduce yoga to children through stories, guided meditations, and pose tutorials. This app is evidently “highly recommended” by the US Surgeon General – who knew that the Surgeon General was recommending health apps? $3.99

Yoga International

This Android and iPhone app has over 1,000 yoga classes to choose from led by hundreds of different instructors. It also has a pose directory, an article archive, and guided meditations. FREE

3D Yoga Anatomy

This creepy/cool app has 360 degree views of skinless human figures in 40 core yoga poses. It seems like a great tool for anyone who wants to understand alignment on an anatomical level and see how different poses stretch and contract different muscle groups. $9.99

Finally, there are three other apps we would like to mention.  They are YogaGlo, Yoga Anytime, and MyYogaWorks.  As you can see, there are so many apps to choose from, but exploring the different options can be a ton of fun!

Remember to share your favorite apps in the comments. And remember that while apps come and go, our eco-friendly yoga clothing will support your practice for years to come. Check out our full line at yogahyde.com.