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what are today’s top teachers talking about? our new monthly series “live from the lounge” explores the wisdom of our teacher’s lounge community.

meet dana slamp  •  new york city-based teacher and founder of the prema yoga institute, dana now offers her breath coaching course on demand. this course explores the anatomy of breathing and offers therapeutic techniques to support prevention and recovery from covid-19. yoga is not the cure, she acknowledges, but it can support us in subtle, felt ways during this difficult time.

one bipoc leadership scholarship is available for this course to a person of color in the yoga teaching field.

dana’s practice right now: breath. she can’t overstate the value of intentional breathing. dana is generously sharing some free video practices for simple breath and mindfulness techniques.

for more of dana’s wisdom, visit her online at

meet jyll hubbard-salk  •  a 30 year practitioner of thai yoga, iyengar yoga and more, jyll teaches online for her studio, urban asanas in crown heights, brooklyn. the class that means the most to her right now is the super soul sunday practice, aka “yoga church.” there’s a level of vulnerability and surrender at this time, and so she throws some gospel music, and “we go to church, tears and all!”

jyll also teaches in brower park every sunday — so long as it’s over 50* and not raining. this past sunday barely met those criteria but still, 30 people came to practice. “we get the hood folks, the white girls, everybody — this is community, this is healing.” if you’re in nyc, join her.

jyll’s practice right now: heart. her longtime mantra “heart forward, ass back” is a shining light in these dark days. jyll has lyme disease, so her “normal” has never been totally normal… and covid-19 has brought an unreal amount of loss to her community — lives lost, businesses lost. so her question to her students — and to herself — is continually: how’s your heart? as jyll explains, there’s so much hustle in the street, but when you slow down and sit in your shit (another of her favorite mantras), you can go in, observe and begin to work through it. jyll prioritizes the heart for healing because it has no color, no religion — it just loves.

for more of jyll’s wisdom, visit her online at

meet jennifer elliott  •  los angeles-based teacher trainer and yoga therapist, jennifer has just launched a new virtual yoga studio, yogaworldheart, featuring master yoga teachers from around the world. her favorite offering is punk rock dharma with moon zappa. it’s a fun, lighthearted and inclusive “class,” typically featuring a chant, quote or meditation, plus questions and insights from the live group.

she’s also looking forward to hosting workshops with anna delury. mark your calendar for january 16 and sign up for a practice to free the neck and shoulders. 

jennifer’s practice right now: meditation. 2020 is a nonstop swirl of activity. we’re all on overdrive taking care of our families, our communities and hopefully ourselves. meditation offers a respite from the chaos and restores us to place of centered calm. jennifer offers the hyde community a free video practice of breathwork as an aid to meditation. it’s only five minutes; we encourage you to give it a try.

for more of jennifer’s wisdom, visit her online at

meet christy tennery-spalding  •  oakland, ca activist, educator, podcaster, and writer christy has launched a new digital course, the art of self-advocacy. complete with live coaching calls, christy helps you break the endless cycle of burnout, overwhelm, and people-pleasing, so you can become a devoted accomplice in your own liberation. her program helps you cultivate the knowledge, courage, and specific actions to bridge the gap between how you show up for others and how you show up for yourself.

the hyde community is invited to register with $100 off using code HYDE.

christy’s practice right now: lovingkindness. since so many of us are not gathering with our families this season (all of christy’s family is at least two time zones away), her go-to practice right now is lovingkindness mantra meditation, the silent repetition of phrases. you can direct these wishes to loved ones, of course, but also to strangers, difficult people in our lives, and even ourselves.

christy’s phrases for the last many years have been:

may you feel safe
may you feel loved
may you feel courageous
may you live with ease and lovingkindness

while no substitute for being together, it helps her to feel close with people she may not get to see any time soon. to try it out, she suggest simply sitting with eyes closed and sending these wishes out to the people you choose.

for more of christy’s wisdom, visit her online at