Looking for Women’s Yoga Pants with Pockets?

yoga pants with pockets

Who doesn’t love a good pocket? More and more women’s clothing brands seem to be catching on to the fact that women like their clothes to look good and be functional. (What a crazy thought, right?) Pockets on men’s clothes are a given, but on a lot of women’s clothes, they seem to be an afterthought or only present for style, not function.

Luckily for you, Hyde has several yoga pants with pockets. Whether you’re looking for organic yoga pants that you can wear around town, practice in, or both, we’ve got you covered.

Colleen Pant

Our new Colleen pant is a great option for a cozy, comfy practice or for lounging around the house. These loose-fitting pants have banded ankles that stay in place when you’re on the mat and a waistband that can either be worn up or folded over. The slash pockets are perfect for carrying your wallet and keys into the studio – just remember to take them out before your first down dog!

Chrystie Drawstring

These organic yoga pants are our favorite for completing an athleisure look to meet a friend for lunch or run errands around town. The three-quarter length cut is perfect for warm weather, and the loose fit will help you stay cool during your practice without limiting your range of motion. Use the handy pockets in these pants for stowing your essentials — or just striking a pose.

Jojo Short

We love how versatile these shorts are. The side ties on the Jojo let you adjust the length and style of the short, giving you control over your look and comfort. And the small rear pocket is just the right size to hold an ID and credit card and/or your house key. Make use of the pocket when wearing these shorts on a run or walking around your neighborhood.

BONUS:  Tahoe Top

You may not even have thought to search for yoga tops with pockets, but again, we’ve got you covered. The Tahoe top is the ideal coverup layer for staying warm before and after practice. Enjoy the extra length, the thumb holes in the sleeves, and the multi-way funnel neck in addition to the convenient front pockets. This is bound to be your favorite pullover this fall (and for years to come).

Of course, we also have plenty of tops and form-fitting yoga pants without pockets. If that’s more your style, check out our full line here.