Message of the Bhagavat- by Raghunath

Below is a poem…a song I wrote after visiting India when I was younger and was touched by one of the classic books there- the Srimad Bhagavatam.

The Bhagavatam is considered both a book and an eternal message of the sages passed down through generations of excavating our dormant spiritual consciousness and culminating in prema bhakti, or pure loving devotion to the divine. It’s a powerful book of 18,000 Sanskrit verses that radically changed my life. Besides being filled with a paradigm shifting approach to life and the universe, it filled my heart and mind with fantastic stories of incarnations and avatars of Vishnu, which I continue to tell in my yoga classes to this day. This book is probably one of the 3 most popular books within the Vedic canon of literature next to the Mahabharata (which contains the Bhagavad Gita) and the Ramayana. It’s been studied by sages for generations and, according to the book itself, was compiled by the great sage Vyasa to create a revolution in the hearts of mankind. After studying it, I was inspired to write this song/ poem entitled “Message of the Bhagavat. “

Concealed. Revealed.
A revolution a solution without bloodshed finally.
Disciplic succession placed in my possession.
Complete so sweet. A satisfying taste for an empty race
there’s a fire in this city and a fool wont admit it, and only a fool would sit right in it…
You see Truth has been spoken for all mankind and it’s a mad sad world when you can find
man confined to the grind and they don’t even mind
to be working for some jerk and leave their life behind
in illusion, in confusion
the worlds greatest brains create more problems-not solutions.
Expand our bold stand.
There can be hope for modern man.
The message of the Bhagavat.

History of the universe 18,000 verses for our edification
I sat like an ass in class for 14 years at last I got some real education
Extinguishing the fire of our work-a-day life that burns and burns us until we break
It’s illuminating, rejuvenating, not degenerating, giving shelter to the people who want
Truth has been spoken for all mankind
and if you search for peace then you can find.
The blind will stay blind if they’re inclined
but the wise will apply in this crucial time.
In illusion, in confusion
and don’t think there won’t be any retribution
Expand our bold stand there can be hope.
There can be hope for modern man
The message of the Bhagavat.

Raghunath -1995


About Raghunath:
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