ONE Source- by Bex Urban


 Are there really any original ideas or thoughts?  Ever notice all the similar fashion trends.  Do you see one designer do something that no one else is creating some variation of in another line?  This seems to hold true in life, as well as, yoga class.
 A few months back, I was in New York and went to a studio and took a class with a new teacher.  As the flow was unfolding, I recognized the sequence.  The theme and poses were almost identical to a class I had shared with students in California just a few days before.  Just a note, it was not the 26 Bikram poses nor the Ashtanga series.
 Yes, we may have had a possible common lineage of teachers.  It felt like more than a coincidence.   This is not the first time, I have been in yoga and smiled inside knowing the practice.  In fact, just the other day I was moving through a class I haven’t been to in months and BAM again…same amazing stuff.
 These experiences reiterate something I have always believed.  Most teachers are sharing the yoga and being a conduit for one BIG message.  No matter what you present, it is all the same source of divine wisdom.  This is why yoga is really magical and freeing.  Being in the moment makes every class special and unique.  In yoga, we just tap in to the light, share the divine and find our circle of love, truth and FREEDOM.

Rebecca Slovin Urban, “Bex”, is a certified teacher of Pilates (PMA) and Yoga(YA).  She began studying Yoga in 1994 and has taught yoga since 2000. Bex first formal Yoga training was in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow system.  She has studied with many teachers.  Bex spent an intense month, September 2001, in New York City practicing with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.  Her teaching is strongly influenced by Erich Schiffmann and Anusara yoga.

Her approach focuses on developing an awareness of the breath as an essential connection between the mind, body and movement.  Her playful style emphasizes finding center, and balancing the body from the inside out.  She leads with enthusiasm, warmth, and a gentle sense of humor.

Bex lives in Marin with her family and teaches in the Bay Area. In 2004, with the very early arrival of her first son, she recommitted to a daily practice of yoga off the mat, motherhood.  Bex continues to instruct and be the mother of 2 boys and a girl, who teach her daily about
presence, love, and patience.