ahimsa and organics: how and why to practice

ahimsa and organics: how and why to practice

The foundational teaching of yoga, as outlined by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, is that we should do no harm. This is the practice of ahimsa, or non-violence. The interpretation of this instruction ranges widely. We advise finding a teacher who explains it in a way that best resonates for you.

For Hyde, as a yoga clothing company, we strive to be non violent in our approach to the earth — and all who live here. We choose organic cotton for this reason. Most immediately, pesticide free, non toxic cotton farming protects myriad insect species. It also removes harmful chemical from agricultural run off, which feeds the groundwater system. Further down the line, it reduces mental stress to all our customers concerned about caring for the planet. And prevents physical harm to individuals with sensitive skin.

Here are a few ways you can join us to practice ahimsa via organics, and why we feel it is so important:

What we eat.

Organic food does a body good. If and when possible, we choose fresh organic produce – local if we can – and ingredients to stock our pantries. We strive to eat more whole foods (i.e. not packaged) than processed foods, and we try to stay away from anything sprayed by harmful pesticides, similar to the organic cotton we use in our clothing. Clean is always better, for the body and the planet.

What we wear.

Hyde, obviously. Organic cotton is free of disease-causing chemicals that wind up destroying the environment and our insides. It is important to invest in clothing that feels delicious and supports not only the safe evolution of the planet, but also its inhabitants. Luckily Hyde is stylish and functional to boot.

Where and who we give our dollars to.

Support local, sustainable products whenever the opportunity is available. It’s often the small companies such as ourselves that work hard to provide the best quality made from the best materials/ingredients. Set examples for each other of why organic is meaningful to you by adopting a practice of quality over quantity. It’s fulfilling to get to know your local farmer, supplier, retailer or barista; to know where and whom your product is coming from. We like to support companies who have similar values to Hyde and the way we want to live.

How we live.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, rejoice! In our office, we use as many recycled or reusable materials as possible, and support each other in balancing each of our unique versions of a healthy lifestyle (with plenty of organic chocolate involved).

How do you practice ahimsa, and what does organic mean to you?