digital gift card

give the perfect gift of hyde organic yoga apparel in any amount you wish.

send a digital gift card, in the amount of your choosing, to yourself or to another recipient. you can also purchase as many gift cards as you’d like, for as many recipients as you like, in one order. each gift card will have it’s own unique code for redemption on our site.

on the checkout page, you’ll enter the recipient’s details for each gift card purchased (or your own, if you’d like the redemption code sent to you).

thank you for giving the gift of organic cotton, well made in the usa.


we gladly accept SpaFinder gift cards.

if your SpaFinder card begins with a 6, please contact us with the full card number, amount and any other identifying information such as expiration date, etc. cards that begin with 6 need to be manually redeemed by us.

if your card begins with a 4, you can redeem it online. to do so, you must use it to purchase a hyde digital gift card (see instructions above) in the same dollar amount as your SpaFinder card. at checkout, treat your SpaFinder card as a Visa card. you may then purchase the item(s) you wish with your hyde gift card and pay any remaining balance (if applicable) by credit card or PayPal.

please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance. the process is admittedly clunky, but due to technical limitations, it’s the best we can do at this time.

thank you for choosing hyde to redeem your SpaFinder card.


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