Quality Yoga Clothing: Buy Less, Buy Better

quality yoga clothing

Fast fashion brands offer remarkable convenience and the instant ability to keep up with trends and stay on budget. Large chains such as H&M and Forever 21 have also started offering athletic and athleisure clothing. They sell what they refer to as yoga attire at incredibly low prices and encourage their customers to come back every few months to revamp their closets.

What’s the problem with this situation?

First and foremost, fast fashion clothing contributes to a huge amount of waste in the United States. Fast fashion clothes, by definition, are not designed to last, which means many pieces get thrown out after just a couple wears. The result is tons upon tons of clothes in landfills and incinerators. According to Newsweek, Americans throw out about 80 pounds of clothing per person per year. That amounts to 14 million tons of wasted clothes, about double what the volume was twenty years ago.

Adding to the problem, organizations like Goodwill are unlikely to take many fast fashion items because they are too worn and cheap to resell or donate. The Environmental Protection Agency found that 84% of unwanted clothes in the US went into landfills or incinerators in 2012. That’s a massive amount of waste.

Unfortunately, these tossed clothes don’t just create a trash problem. They also contribute to the production of greenhouse gases due to the bleaches, dyes, and chemical baths that they are subjected to. All of these nasty substances end up in our earth and in our air.

So while it can be tempting to spring for fast fashion yoga apparel, be aware that such clothes are not sustainably made and will inevitably lead to excess waste, both in terms of trash and your finances. Because even though fast fashion clothes are cheap, you’ll have to buy substantially more of them over the long run, making them a comparable or even more expensive choice than quality yoga wear.

Buy Less, Buy Better

Here at Hyde Yoga, our durable yoga pants and tops are only made from natural, organic materials, creating a number of benefits for you. One of those benefits is comfort — our quality yoga clothing is designed to move with you and stay out of your way as you build your yoga practice. Another key benefit is longevity — you may pay a bit more for our pants and tops, but they will last you for years to come.

Instead of buying ten pairs of inexpensive leggings that will end up in a landfill within six months, just a few pairs of quality yoga pants could enable your practice and help you reduce your carbon footprint for years. Plus, when the time finally does come to part ways with a Hyde Yoga top, you can be sure that the materials will not do unnecessary damage to the earth.