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say it loud: black lives matter

These past two weeks have been heartbreaking, eye opening and purpose galvanizing. Since 2005 we have been creating yoga clothing in organic cotton with the mission to inspire mindful movement and give back to the earth. To move and breathe with ease. Every aspect of yoga practice revolves around breath. Breath carries prana or life force energy. There’s an entire limb of the eight limbed path dedicated to that relationship.

George Floyd died because he couldn’t breathe. Eric Garner died because he couldn’t breathe. Let us never again take our breaths for granted. Let us use our prana to affirm the life force of people whose personhood has been systemically denied for over 400 years.

We at Hyde are not social justice experts. We are a small company (3 people) and none of us are people of color for whom the suffering of generational injustice is a daily, lived experience. But we are mindfulness practitioners, trained in and capable of expanding our skills of awareness and compassion, of advocacy and representation. If yoga has taught us anything, it’s that change is possible, but it takes effort, commitment and surrender.

As we move forward, we’re going to keep doing what we do best: designing yoga clothing in earth friendly fabrics and with sustainable manufacturing processes. We’re going to keep working to make our carbon footprint smaller.

And we’re going to educate ourselves further on the intersection of environmental justice and racial justice, on the implicit biases within the yoga and wellness communities, and on how we can use our platform to uplift people who have been underrepresented for far too long. Invariably we will stumble, but we’ll keep going.

The best way to follow our journey and share your thoughts on how we as a brand can be a voice for racial justice and social change is via our Instagram account.

Black Lives Matter.