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hyde’s co-owners brook cosby and a.k. l’heureux were honored as january 2019 “students of the month” at one of our favorite local spots, Metta Yoga Studio. read on to learn what we love about yoga, what keeps us on the mat and more.

how long have you guys been practicing yoga and what inspired you both to start your yoga practices?  
we each started our practice in the late ’90’s, but we came to yoga seeking to heal in different ways. a.k. was (and is) an avid runner; she needed to slow down. brook was (and is) an over-thinker; she needed to quiet her mind.

do either of you have a favorite pose or series to practice?  
we both like alignment-based vinyasa. and we love progressive sequences that take us places that aren’t immediately obvious.

do you have least favorite yoga poses? 
not really, or rather, not anymore. there are plenty of poses we can’t do, but luckily we’ve been practicing long enough to relax about challenges, try our best, and laugh at ourselves (and each other!) when we fall over.

do you have yoga goals you’d like to share? 
total and complete enlightenment… but failing that: the ability to attend family events without losing our &*%#.

we’ve heard you’ve got a great clothing company; can you tell us more about it?  
you heard right! a.k. founded hyde, our line of organic cotton yoga clothes, in 2005 in manhattan, back before yoga pants replaced jeans in the modern woman’s wardrobe and before ethical, sustainable fashion came onto the mainstream radar. brook joined as her business partner in 2013.

did you guys meet through yoga, work, or as like-minded friends? 
all of the above. we were both living in manhattan and practicing at the same studios (The Shala and Kula Yoga Project). we had a lot of mutual friends, and we were Facebook friends… In 2011 a.k. posted a Facebook status that hyde needed some part-time help, and brook thought she was looking for a temporary gig…

do you go to yoga classes together? 
as often as we can!  practicing together is a) fun and b) a great way for us to stay connected on an energetic level, which helps a lot for two people running a business together.

favorite things to do outside of yoga?
we both like hiking, although we don’t hike together… a.k. is too fast for brook. a.k. loves running and spending time with her kids. brook loves horseback riding and hanging with her dog.

favorite place to be other than the studio?
new york… we’re grateful to call marin home (and love that Metta has opened its doors here!) but we’re always excited to get back to the energy and inspiration of manhattan.

who inspires you?  
people who put others first, especially when it’s inconvenient and no one is watching.

music or artist of the moment? 
any yoga teacher who plays the harmonium.

favorite quote?  
“before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

anything else interesting that you’d like to share with our Metta Yoga community?
we’re honored to feature Metta teachers Anna Hughes and Kate Monzo as hyde models.

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