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Hyde was born from an interest in how yoga defined our individual experience. When we learned about Unite for HER and their commitment to whole body health, especially through incorporating the practice of yoga with healing methodologies, we knew our missions were connected.

After hearing stories firsthand from founder Sue Weldon on how yoga supported her and many other women’s cancer experience, we wanted to contribute to their cause. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible organization, watch this inspiring video to see how Unite for HER participants have thrived from yoga, and join us in supporting their efforts during October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Hyde will be offering 10% off all sales, all month, and matching a 10% donation of each sale to Unite for HER. Use code uniteforher at checkout.


More about Unite for HER:

An 11-year breast cancer survivor, Sue Weldon navigated a plan that combined both the medical community and wellness community – one hospitals now seek and are looking to implement in order to be accredited. She recognized gaps in the medical community around access to education on nutrition and complementary therapies known to heal cancer side effects and symptoms without additional prescriptions and pharmaceuticals, as well as a need for prevention and ways for women to gain back control in their lives (because cancer recurrence will not be always at the forefront of their minds). The organization stemmed from Weldon’s personal experience and intention for healing.

Unite for HER supports patients newly-diagnosed with breast cancer and those with metastatic breast cancer, and educates young women and girls about prevention. Yoga helps them on many levels – emotionally, physically and spiritually – diminishing patients’ side effects during treatment and providing an easily-accessible tool to build a survivorship plan and meet their future needs. Patients learn how yoga can be helpful for a cancer diagnosis and gain knowledge on the systems they will be required to manage. They receive 6 to 12 private sessions involving one-on-one instruction; restorative yoga is key for this demographic. All yoga providers are trained through professional advisor Alison Donley, owner of The Light Within Yoga Studio, and understand the Unite for HER philosophy of care that meets patients exactly where they are.

Yoga is one of the oldest mind/body methods of linking the power of breathing to movement. Women with cancer undergo extreme physical, mental, and emotional stress that can weaken the immune system. After yoga/meditation, patients have more energy, improved physical functioning, and quality of life. These exercises can also help manage side effects and provide the following benefits:

  • Relaxation 

  • Deep breathing techniques 

  • Nausea relief 

  • Reduce stress, fear, and anxiety levels 

  • Improve energy level 

  • Lower fatigue 

  • Alleviate insomnia 


Using yoga as a form of complementary therapy helps women going through breast cancer heal. It is research-based, with yoga known to help sleep deprivation, energy level, stress, emotional negative chatter and pain and breathing techniques shown to help anxiety and depression. Yoga is proven to eliminate many symptoms associated with the treatments that come with standard cancer care. Unite for HER helps patients on the path to healing – mind, body and spirit – by funding and delivering complementary therapies that support the physical and emotional needs of women with breast cancer during treatment and beyond.

Yoga is a helpful complementary therapy for patients coping with breast cancer, particularly in fighting the side effects from cancer treatment. Women with cancer undergo extreme physical, mental and emotional stress that can weaken the immune system. Yoga is an effective therapy to reduce the toll this takes on their health, bringing inner peace by using a series of postures and controlled breathing.  After yoga exercise, patients have more energy, improved physical functioning, and quality of life. Women with sleeping issues often feel rested and energized during treatments that can have a debilitating effect at times.

Studies indicate that the foods we eat weigh heavily in the fight against cancer. Many foods found in our grocery stores and organic markets contain cancer-fighting properties, helping us to decrease the risk for disease. Ounce for ounce, organic fruits and vegetables are twice as rich in certain nutrients compared to non-organic produce. During cancer treatments, certain foods and ingredients such as sea salt, olive oil, lemon and Grade B Maple Syrup can help stimulate taste buds and remove the metallic taste, allowing you to stay nourished and thrive. At a time when you may feel you have no control, eating and preparing delicious foods can nurture your body and soul. We support buying organic, local and seasonal ingredients which are not only good for our bodies and mind, but for our planet as well.

Watch Unite for HER Nutrition video.


There are hundreds of ways to get get involved with Unite for HER on all levels – as a patient who wants programming, as a grant recipient, as a volunteer or as a provider. With more than 30 providers that support the Philadelphia area, the organization serves beyond 1,000 women each year.

If you would like to be more involved in Unite for HER, please email