How Are Sustainable Yoga Clothes Different?

sustainable yoga clothes

Every living thing on the planet must consume in order to survive. In that respect, we are all consumers, and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with consumption. But as the dominant beings on this planet, we have a responsibility to ensure that our consumption is sustainable. One simple way that we can be more conscious of our consumption is through our clothing.

It’s incredibly tempting to give into the “fast fashion” market, particularly when it comes to yoga clothes. There’s no denying that it feels great when other people in class notice your new pair of yoga pants or latest tank top. But fast fashion is responsible for a tremendous amount of waste and destruction that must be reversed.

According to Esquire, the global apparel industry produced 150 billion garments in 2010, which is equivalent to 20 new pieces of clothing for every person on the planet. All of the power that it takes to produce those garments – production that largely takes place in countries that rely on coal power – amounts to 10% of all carbon emissions globally every year.

Much of that clothing is made from cotton, which accounts for 50% of the world’s fiber consumption and 25% of insecticide consumption globally. To keep up with demand, the production of cotton typically utilizes nine different pesticides (in addition to the insecticides), drains water supplies, and has a terrible effect on local eco-systems and wildlife.

What’s worse, fast fashion clothes are designed to be worn just a few times and then thrown away. All of that waste ends up in landfills, and then the cycle repeats.

What makes sustainable clothing different?

Obviously, we still need to clothe ourselves, so the best way to combat this problem is to buy less and to buy better. Buying better means looking for sustainable yoga clothes that will last for years, retain their quality, and keep you looking stylish with timeless lines and comfortable materials.

Sustainable clothing is apparel that is made with eco-friendly production tactics, which includes how the fibers are grown or produced. Sustainable clothes are generally made from organic or recycled materials, like organic cotton.

This article lays out the many differences between normal cotton and organic cotton. Organic cotton should be grown without pesticides or insecticides. Crop rotation should be practiced, no GMOs should be used, and soil should be free of any chemically-treated fertilizers. All of this helps ensure that the impact on the local eco-system is minimal and the amount of water needed to grow the crops is decreased. Choosing to buy sustainable yoga wear is a simple way to limit your carbon footprint and stand against the fast fashion industry.

We are proud that all of the cotton used in Hyde Yoga clothing is organic and sustainably grown. With your support, we can help transform the fashion industry one yogi at a time.