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Quality Yoga Clothing: Buy Less, Buy Better

Fast fashion brands offer remarkable convenience and the instant ability to keep up with trends and stay on budget. Large chains such as H&M and Forever 21 have also started offering athletic and athleisure clothing. They sell what they refer to as yoga attire at incredibly low prices and encourage their customers to come back […]

2015 yoga trends: get the inside scoop from hyde

2015 is sure to be an eventful year. Whatever we challenges we face, as individuals and as a planet, we have wonderful opportunities for collaboration, creativity, and joy. In the world of fitness, it seems that there is new found enthusiasm for health, green living, and balance. These are the three biggest yoga trends we […]

athleisure clothing

Athleisure Clothing Styles You Can Wear Anywhere

athleisure clothing

As the workplace becomes a more and more relaxed environment around the country,  athletic apparel, which has already made its way from the gym to the home, is now migrating to the office.  The “athleisure” look of repurposing workout wear into lifestyle pieces has taken office fashion by storm in cities like Los Angeles, Austin and New York, and the growing trend shows […]

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