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Yoga Chakra Colors to Activate Specific Energy: Vishudha, Ajna and Sahasrara

When you choose your organic yoga apparel, remember that colors have power. Each chakra is connected to one color of the rainbow. In part three of our chakra colors series, we will focus on the yoga chakra colors of the throat, third eye, and crown. The throat chakra, or Vishuddha, is a place of stillness […]

spring 2015 collection | exclusive pre-orders

Coming soon to a yoga mat near you… Follow our Pinterest board for an exclusive sneak peek of our spring 2015 collection, including details on how to pre-order your favorites. Models: Jamie Lugo, Yoga Shanti NYC | Giulia Pline, Pure Yoga | Aditi Shah, Yoga Vida | Cecele Hartmann, Kula Yoga Project Photography: Mark Loader […]

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Athleisure Clothing Styles You Can Wear Anywhere

athleisure clothing

As the workplace becomes a more and more relaxed environment around the country,  athletic apparel, which has already made its way from the gym to the home, is now migrating to the office.  The “athleisure” look of repurposing workout wear into lifestyle pieces has taken office fashion by storm in cities like Los Angeles, Austin and New York, and the growing trend shows […]

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