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Yoga Pants vs. Yoga Shorts

One of the most important things to consider when practicing yoga is what you’ll wear during your practice. During yoga, you should be able to surrender your body and mind to reap the full benefits of your practice. That can be hard to do when you’re focused on yoga pants that are riding up or […]

3 Things to Ask Yourself When Buying Yoga Pants

While yoga pants may be an athleisure trend and the go-to wardrobe choice for those who desire comfort, if you practice yoga daily, you know the important role your clothes play in the quality of your practice. As you ease into positions and let your mind and body release, the very last thing you want […]

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Athleisure Clothing Styles You Can Wear Anywhere

athleisure clothing

As the workplace becomes a more and more relaxed environment around the country,  athletic apparel, which has already made its way from the gym to the home, is now migrating to the office.  The “athleisure” look of repurposing workout wear into lifestyle pieces has taken office fashion by storm in cities like Los Angeles, Austin and New York, and the growing trend shows […]

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