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The Best Types of Yoga for Spiritual Awareness

Welcome to our three-part blog series exploring the best types of yoga for different personal pursuits. These past many months have given us the opportunity to investigate how powerfully yoga influences our daily lives. We’ve looked at yoga practices geared towards spiritual awareness, getting fit, and relaxation. At Hyde, we believe that with diligent practice any style of yoga can help you achieve all three of these goals, as the spiritual, physical and mental/emotional parts of ourselves are all connected.  That being said, some styles of yoga are more in line with particular pursuits than others. To start, we’d like to discuss yoga styles that are ideal for practitioners seeking spiritual awareness.


Kundalini is a revitalizing form of yoga that incorporates both spiritual and physical (asana) practice. It utilizes dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, the chanting of mantras, and movement to help increase consciousness. The goal of Kundalini is to help cultivate a person’s creative spiritual potential by freeing the serpent power (kundalini) which is found coiled at the base of the spine. Asana practice of Kundalini seeks to draw this coiled energy upward through the seven chakras.


Jivamukti yoga seeks to help practitioners connect to others from a place of joy and happiness. One of the goals of Jivamukti is to do away with a sense of separateness and realize that we are all one. The five core tenets of Jivamukti are ahimsa (kindness), nada (music), dhyana (meditation), bhakti (devotion), and Shastra (scripture). Jivamukti classes include dynamic vinyasa sequences that incorporate all five of these tenets.

Choosing the Right Clothes to Enhance Your Practice

What you choose to wear during asana yoga is a completely personal choice. What matters most is that you find clothing that suits your particular needs, regardless of the style of yoga you practice. If your focus is spiritual awareness, it may be helpful to choose organic yoga clothing that doesn’t get in the way of your movement or breath — clothing that you can almost forget you’re wearing.

One suggestion drawn from our personal experience is that many practitioners find a connection to their spirituality through feminine energy. Choosing yoga clothes with a feminine touch can help enhance that connection. The Vira tank, for example, has a two-tone neckline and contrast stitching, creating a feminine look and silhouette. Pair this with the Wren Legging to create an ideal ensemble for spiritual practice.

We’ve also found that wearing the Presidio Hoodie can be helpful when seeking spiritual awareness, especially in meditation, because the hood covers the crown chakra, helping to contain energy awakened in the body through asana practice.

Whatever your individual goal is for your yoga practice, we encourage you to choose organic yoga wear that you are most comfortable in.  Comfort is key because it enables you to focus inwards on your practice instead of outward on your clothes!

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