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the written word

each month, we ask a few members of our teacher’s lounge to share what they’re teaching these days — and what personal practices are supporting their wellness and joy, even during these most challenging times.

this month, our featured teachers all have thoughts that revolve around the power of putting pen to paper…


meet dynasti hunt • yogi, fitness coach and anti-racism educator based in nashville, dynasti is currently working on an accelerator program designed to help business leaders and educators (including yoga studios and teachers) build more inclusive practices into their business. called the shift to equity, it will launch in april. she’s most excited about how it will shift our practices and push us to ensure we are creating spaces where everyone feels equally seen and heard.

dynasti’s favorite hyde piece: the colleen pant “i just love the colleen… soft on my skin, roomy but not baggy… perfect for working out and leisure time too.”

dynasti’s practice right now: finding flow •  to help focus her mind and get clear on priorities, dynasti practices free form journaling followed by a short meditation. she poses herself a question and then writes as much as she can about it: how she’s feeling and how she might use these feelings in her work. then she sits for 5-10 minutes to clear out any heaviness the writing may have brought and prepare her to practice, teach, etc. dynasti tells us, “this practice helps me to step back from it all and remember to put things back into perspective while adjusting to this new ‘normal.'”

meet laura burkart • laura is an international teacher, with home communities in california, florida and kentucky. her primary focus is mentoring teachers, leading 300-hour teacher trainings programs, and guest teaching in 200-hour programs. she’s passionate about raising the bar in smart alignment, injury prevention, refined sequencing, professional teaching skills, and helping her students build authentic, successful teaching careers. she’s also excited to travel again and is currently in the planning stages of several retreats and destination trainings.

laura’s favorite hyde piece: the chelsey bra • “i love this bra! i like the way it fits and love how the cut flatters my shoulders and décolletage.”

laura’s practice right now: listing the positives • five years ago, laura seriously injured her hip in a way that eventually led to surgery. in addition to the physical anguish, she feared how her personal practice and professional livelihood would be impacted. to help shift her mindset, she listed on paper all she could still do: only 12 poses, including tadasana and savasana. she also listed all her biggest dreams, without physical or financial limits. “after looking at what i could do right now and what i wanted to create for the future, i felt like i got a whole new lease on life. i ended up really getting into and enjoying the 12 poses i could practice, and was excited that most of my deepest desires in life didn’t require a functioning hip.” she often uses this same list-making practice when she feels stuck or discouraged, and encourages us all to try it out for a mental shift and uplifting reboot.

meet sophie miller • sophie is grateful that pre-pandemic she had already begun a shift to online teaching. over the past year, she’s ben offering live zoom classes every friday and sunday at 4pm MST, filming from her heart to yours, in her home studio in boulder, colorado. teaching virtually has allowed her to practice with students, friends, and loved ones around the world in real time — what a gift it has been and continues to be to transcend time zones and geographic obstacles in such a way.

sophie’s favorite hyde piece: the divine drawstring • “hyde has (literally) had my back for over a decade, and i appreciate the dedication to comfort and sustainability even more during covid. my divine drawstrings are on heavy rotation, pandemic times and otherwise.”

sophie’s practice right now: poetic inspiration • each week, sophie shares a “meditation of the moment” on her instagram account, accompanied by a short phrase, poem, or passage that feels relevant. the following have had a substantial and sustained impact for her during the covid epoch:

“spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.
summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.
autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence.
winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.”

— yoko ono

“thinking doesn’t always solve the problem. sometimes creating the space allows inspiration to do the work.”

— rick rubin

“do less, accomplish more. do nothing, accomplish everything…”

— maharishi

does your favorite teacher have wisdom for the hyde community? we’d love to meet them • please introduce us