Trends in Athleisure Wear: Your Guide to Summer 2018

Athleisure WearAthleisure has been around long enough now that the term has actually been added to the dictionary. According to Forbes, demand for athleisure clothing isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, and with good reason.

By definition, athleisure wear is clothing that is designed to be worn both for exercise and for general use. Exercise clothing tends to be more comfortable – and often more flattering – than other types of clothing, so it only makes sense that people enjoy wearing it in their everyday lives, especially now that doing so is commonplace.

Many big-name brands and new athleisure brands are trying to make their mark in this space, and the results are mixed. For example, a lot of athleisure clothing companies are focused on fast fashion, which is terrible for the environment. There are also a lot of companies making clothes that look “sporty” but are no good to work out in, and a lot of people are buying them. In fact, “sport leisure” shoes have become the largest portion of the sneaker space, beating out performance footwear.

That said, there are some great trends in athleisure emerging this year that we like. Here are a few of our favorites this summer:

A focus on sustainability.

More clothing companies are becoming conscious of their impact on the environment and international work conditions. That means that we’re starting to see more clothing made from organic cotton and other materials that are sustainably produced.

All of our athleisure pants and tops are made from organic cotton using sustainable practices. We believe in fewer pieces, higher quality. And it’s refreshing to see other brands taking that stance, as well.

Neutral tones.

We love that neutral tones like beiges, muted blues, and greys are big this year, because these colors are flattering and timeless. If you buy an “on trend” yoga top in a muted color, it won’t look out of date next season (or the season after that). The Vira tank in the color “battleship,” for example, could be a staple of your athleisure wardrobe for years to come.


Layering works particularly well with athleisure looks, because you can put a slouchy sweater over a tank top over a crop top over a yoga bra, and you’ll look beautifully put together no matter how many layers you peel off during the day. The Larkspur top is a perfect top layer that is light and casual while still creating a stylish silhouette.


One of the best things about athleisure wear is that it’s designed to be comfortable and versatile.  What you wear during your mindful yoga practice or gym sweat session you can also wear while having lunch with your friends or walking through your local street market.  When selecting athleisure, look for pieces that are comfortable, breathable, and feel good on you.