fall recipe & discount on organic ancient grains

Hyde is happy to share with you this exclusive offer from our friends over at purely elizabeth. Read on for more information on this fantastic company, a delicious discount, and a warming autumn recipe. Namaste.
purely elizabeth is an all-natural and organic food company that creates Ancient Grain Granolas, Ancient Grain Oatmeals and Baking Mixes using the highest quality, nutrient rich ingredients. In addition to creating delicious foods, purely elizabeth also strives to educate consumers about the benefits of real food and encourage people to embark on a healthy, pure lifestyle.
purely elizabeth recently launched its innovative line of Ancient Grain Oatmeals and Hot Cereal. More than just oats–these are chock full of power grains and superfood seeds such as chia, hemp, quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat, creating a truly unique texture and a hearty satisfying taste. They contain 5 grams of fiber, over 6 grams of protein, vitamins, minerals and omega-3’s to nourish your body and fuel your active day. Plus, there’s no added sugar so you can sweeten it however you like. The oatmeals and hot cereal are exclusively available on purelyelizabeth.com and in Whole Foods stores in the Northeast for now. But, enjoy the 15% off and give it a try : )
Here’s a recipe from purely elizabeth’s upcoming Purely Fall Magazine! Coming soon at the end of October, the fall mag will be filled with festive fall recipes, along with health tips, shopping guides + other fun seasonal content. In the meantime, check out the other Purely Magazines and enjoy a delicious bowl of this fragrant superfood soup!