What to Wear to Your First Yoga Class?

What to Wear to Yoga ClassBefore my first ever yoga class, I was nervous. I had taken work out classes before, but something about yoga felt intimidating to me. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the other people, that I wouldn’t understand the terms the teacher used, and that I’d look out of place.

Thankfully, all my fears melted away a few minutes into that first class. It was a small group, so we did introductions at the start of class, and everyone shared something that they wanted to focus on in class (such as, “My shoulder has been bothering me”). When it was my turn, I said it was my first class, and the entire group cheered for me. Everyone was incredibly supportive, and the teacher made a point of giving me some extra attention during class to help with my alignment.

If you’re getting ready for your first yoga class, rest assured that yogis are generally very nice, inclusive people. Tell your teacher ahead of class that you’re new to yoga, and I’m sure he or she will make a point of making you feel welcome.

As for what to wear to yoga class, don’t overthink it. Wear what you’re comfortable in and what allows you to move freely.

Comfortable Coverage Matters during Yoga

Keep in mind that you’re almost certainly going to bend over quite a bit, both in forward folds and downward facing dog. That means you probably want to wear a shirt that won’t ride up and pants that won’t ride down. You should also keep in mind that you’ll spread your legs widely in seated positions, so make sure that if you wear shorts, they have enough coverage for you to be comfortable.

As for materials, organic cottons blended with a stretchy fabric like spandex are best for moving with your body, allowing you to release heat, and keeping you comfortable.

Consider wearing some layers. You may want to start in a long sleeve top while you ease into your practice, for example, but may prefer a tank top when things start to heat up.

If you decide that yoga is a good fit for you (and why wouldn’t it be?) invest in some organic yoga wear that will help you feel comfortable and confident in class. At Hyde, we believe that yogis are best served by a few high-quality pieces that will last.

A lot of workout clothes for women are more focused on style than function. Some companies seem to think that every woman who does yoga has a generic super model body. But the truth is that yogis come in every size, shape, and form, and we all need clothes that make us feel comfortable, strong, and confident. Whether you prefer yoga pants for women with some room to breathe, form fitting leggings, or shorts with just the right amount of coverage, go with what works for you.